New Earnings and Old Controllers

Sizing up phone sales, prepping for an earnings report, and again with all the OS betas.  All that and more from today’s Observation Deck.

Plenty of iPads to Go Around

Turns out there are still plenty of iPads, updated operating systems approach, more Apple TV goodness and the icky state of smartphones.

A New, Confusing iPad Lineup; Confounding Apple TV Specs; and More on iPhone Production

New iPads, Apple TVs to confound, and iPhone production cuts. Check out what we can see from the Observation Deck today.


A good news/bad news note from Credit Suisse, Apple Watch as sticky attachment, and a chance to own some of Steve Jobs’ stuff.

Apple Helps You Save Money, Pays More Fines, and Other Sightings from the Observation Deck

Spending and saving with Apple Card, $19 million will be fine for Brazil, and streaming titles in plastic form.

Nearly a Third of US Teens Now Own an Apple Watch, Questionable Survey Shows

A recent study indicates nearly a third of U.S. teens already own an Apple Watch. However, maybe we shouldn’t trust those numbers.

It's The Holiday Rage Cannon, Charlie Brown

Fresh from the Observation Deck, PBS won’t get Charlie Brown this holiday season. There’s also new betas and more good news from analysts.

[U] Exclusive: Lufthansa Correctly Interprets Dangerous Goods Regulations In AirTags Controversy

We have to admit Lufthansa is right that AirTags run afoul of dangerous goods regulations. However, this only points to a need for change.

A Tale of Two Quarters and Bumble-ing into Bantr

Mac shipments are up, but wait, they’re really down. Apple squishes more bugs, and more entertainment coming your way on Apple TV+.

Lufthansa Bans AirTag For All the Wrong Reasons

Faced with growing embarrassment over lost luggage found with the AirTag, one airline is going to far as to ban the item tracker.

Testing Apple's Crash Detection Using Roller Coasters: Here's What I Learned

Several amusement parks are reporting riders setting off Apple’s Crash Detection on roller coasters: we explore why this may happen.

The iPhone 14 Plus Pleases Reviewers, UBS Says iPhone Results May be Flat and a New Apple TV+ Trailer

Apple’s doing well in international courts, UBS says iPhone results may be flat and a new Apple TV+ trailer could show a shoo-in for an Oscar.

Examining Whether The A16 Bionic Chip Is Really Just an A15+

With Apple’s move to an A16 Bionic chip for its iPhone 14 Pro family, benchmarks hint the new SoC might be more aptly named the A15+ instead.

Trolls Gotta Troll, Siri's New Tricks and More From Thursday's Observation Deck Sightings

Trolls gotta troll Apple on price hikes, Siri’s new trick and new beta software. Plus, Apple TV+ news and more from today’s Observation Deck.

iPhone Building Builds Momentum, Supplier Flex and More

More iPhones made in India, and Apple gives in to TSMC’s price hike. All that and more, as seen through the telescope of our Observation Deck.

The Latest Observations: Good News, Bad News, iPhone 14 Delays and Emancipation

Good and bad news for Apple, wait times for certain iPhone 14 models, and Apple TV+ sets a release date for historical drama Emancipation.

Playing Ping Pong with Apple's Immediate Future

Apple’s stock prices, shipping delays, and Tim Cook on AR and VR. Plus we see the tragic first news of Crash Detection doing its job.

Analysts Say, "What did Bloomberg Say?"

Apple’s suffering poor sales, or maybe not. The company’s next earnings call is scheduled. Ming-Chi Kuo predicts the future, and more.

Sales Numbers, New Betas and Bugs, and Fresh Teardowns Seen From the Observation Deck

The iPhone 14 Pro looks good financially, but not the bae models. New betas, bugs, and teardowns. Quite a bit to see today from the OD.

iPhone Set for Record ASPs and Oprah's Deal is Reportedly Done

Tim Cook in London, Oprah’s Apple TV+ deal lapses, and more good iPhone 14 Pro news. All that and more from today’s Observation Deck.

Spending a Week With the Apple Watch SE: Should You Get it Over the Series 8?

Today we’re taking a look at the new Apple Watch SE and seeing if the features not found in the device still make it a worthy purchase.

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