London High Court Blocks Google iPhone Lawsuit

London’s High Court has blocked a Google iPhone lawsuit. The case was an attempt to bring legal action against Google over claims that it collected the sensitive data of over 4 million iPhone users (via Reuters).

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Google iPhone Lawsuit

The claimants—consumer activist Richard Lloyd—figured out that about 4.5 million people had been affected by something called the “Safari Workaround.” He claims that Google illegally accessed iPhone users’ browsing history between June 2011 and February 2012.

The judge, Mark Warby, agreed by saying:

There is no dispute that it is arguable that Google’s alleged role in the collection, collation, and use of data obtained via the Safari Workaround was wrongful, and a breach of duty.

But he ruled that the case didn’t support the claim that Mr. Lloyd and the people he represented suffered damage as specified under Britain’s Data Protection Act. Judge Warby continued by saying “the main beneficiaries of the claim would have been those who funded it and the lawyers.”

However, Mr. Lloyd is seeking permission to repeal the decision.

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