Sketchy Rumor Claims iOS 13 Support Won’t Include iPhone SE, Others

A new rumor claims that iOS 13 support won’t include the iPhone 6, iPhone SE, and iPhone 5s. But it leaves me scratching my head (via iPhonesoft).

iOS 13 Support

I’m not so sure about this rumor, and not only because I’ve never heard of iPhonesoft in the Apple rumor business. The iPhone SE uses the same chipset as the iPhone 6s, so it’s weird that Apple would remove support for the SE but not the 6s.

However, last month we reported on another website listing tentative iOS 13 support. It didn’t include the iPhone 6s/6s Plus in addition to the iPhone SE.

Image of iPhone se

For iPads, iPhonesoft says that only the iPad Air and iPad mini 2 will lose support. This one does line up with the fact that the first generation iPad Air was released in the same year as the iPhone 5s, 2013.

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I could see the iPhone 5 and 6 systems. The SE is still being made and sold. That seems doubtful. OTOH I could see these systems getting iOS13 but not all of the features.

Frank V

I always thought the Mac Observer didn’t propagate FUD, so why are you reporting this? I see no reason why Apple would stop updates for the SE.