Apple Updates iOS 12 Shortcuts to Beta 2 for Developers

HomeKit support in Shortcuts beta 2 app on iPhone

Apple released Shortcuts beta 2 for iOS 12 just before the weekend. The update adds in HomeKit support, but right now it’s very limited.

HomeKit support in Shortcuts beta 2 app on iPhone
Apple’s Shortcuts app in iOS 12 with HomeKit support

Developers wanting to trigger HomeKit actions with Shortcuts need to first launch the action in the Home app, then go to the Shortcuts app. Next, create a new Shortcut, tap the Search field, then tap Siri Suggestions.

Shortcuts, previously known as Workflow, lets users string together actions across multiple apps as visual building blocks. Those actions, or shortcuts, are a type of script that you can trigger in the Shortcuts app, or now with your voice through Siri.

Right now HomeKit support is limited and cumbersome, but the beta shows the potential for what’s coming: stringing together multiple HomeKit actions for more complex voice control than we have today.

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iOS 12 and the Shortcuts app will be available as free downloads this fall. Currently, Apple is offering developer and public betas for iOS 12, and a developer beta for the Shortcuts app.

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