iOS 12 and 911 Calls, New Mac Predictions – TMO Daily Observations 2018-06-18

Bryan Chaffin and Andrew Orr join Jeff Gamet to talk about Apple’s improved 911 location information for iPhones in iOS 12, plus they share their thoughts on when we may see new Macs.

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One thought on “iOS 12 and 911 Calls, New Mac Predictions – TMO Daily Observations 2018-06-18

  • Ooooooooh I wish you were right about new Macs. So badly needed & I totally (totally) agree about keyboards holding up MacBook Pro updates. Given the choice of new models with problematic keyboards or wait… Apple may choose to wait.

    What if it takes 2 years for a new keyboard, because that’s Apple’s development time?
    Ive says we’ve been heard about keyboards, but we could be (optimistically) 1 year into that 2 year cycle.

    And that might be why Apple is running Mac ads at the moment… there is a delay to the triumphantly restored yearly updates.

    Unlikely they’d burn millions on Mac ads now, if new models were imminent. They’d wait and spend that money on the new models. And that’s why I don’t think there are ANY new models are coming anytime soon. Money talks and (to me) it’s saying we’re seeing a mid-cycle mindshare boost only.

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