Mac Hardware at WWDC, AppKit vs. UIKit, Next-Gen Wi-Fi, with John Kheit – ACM 513

Bryan Chaffin and guest John Kheit start this week’s show off with an immediate siderail about The Curse of Oak Island and Cooper’s Treasure, because that’s what they do. The real topics, however, include what Apple’s MacBook Pro announcement might mean for Mac hardware at WWDC. They also look at the brewing fight between UIKit and AppKit, and what’s coming in the world of Wi-Fi.

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2 thoughts on “Mac Hardware at WWDC, AppKit vs. UIKit, Next-Gen Wi-Fi, with John Kheit – ACM 513

  • Really interesting processors. That’s a LOT of cores.

    My guess is the use case is for handling a lot of web/database requests and ecommerce transactions and perhaps some distributed processing techniques. My guess is single thread processing might be on the weaker side, and you want at least a couple of strong single thread processors for the GUI to feel responsive. But I’m not up to speed with this band of processors and they may well offer that.

    Thanks for the heads up g!

  • Was hoping for more discussion about server grade ARM chips and applicability for Pro Mac products. Obviously Amazon is committed to it for AWS
    Apple should be able to do better, with all its experience.
    ARM themselves are developing technologies, perhaps the basis for other designers.
    I have no experience, but I’d hoped John had some darkweb contacts.

    “The Avantek 2U server is based on eight Cavium® ThunderX2™ CN99xx processors which offer a total of up to 256, quad-threaded, custom Armv8-A cores, and is a high-performance, low-power solution capable of handling complex data center requirements. Using system-on-chip (SoC) technology, the CPU, and I/O are all fully integrated in a single server chip.
    In addition to the cores, the processor features low-power DRAM modules and SSDs from Kingston Technology, which enable the high bandwidth and low power consumption necessary to deal with the most advanced data center applications.”

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