Spinner Madness, Apple’s Best Products, and WWDC Tea Leaves – ACM 453

In this episode, Bryan Chaffin leads Jeff Gamet down into the ugly underbelly of FSM, or Fidget Spinner Madness. You can blame Mitsubishi if you want. They also talk about what TMO’s staff thinks were recent great Apple products and read the WWDC tea leaves. Does the WWDC website really mean anything?

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One thought on “Spinner Madness, Apple’s Best Products, and WWDC Tea Leaves – ACM 453

  • It that’s an history of UI elements, surely it begs the question… what’s next?
    Is there something new coming for all Apple UIs?
    Personally, I’d forego Apple’s idea of a stability release (I don’t think they know what that is anymore), and have a redesigned Home Screen… just for something new.
    Then again… Touch Bar, keyboard food trap, notch in the middle of the screen, even rounded screen corners creep me out.
    When did we begin to fear Apple’s idea of innovation?
    Is that why customers are begging for a stability release? Give Ive time to get back in the saddle and straighten things out?? Curse Apple’s 2 year development cycle!!

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