Charlotte’s Bet on AppleOS – TMO Daily Observations 2020-06-25

Charlotte Henry and Bryan Chaffin join host Kelly Guimont to discuss Apple’s future operating systems and the amount of wrong in a theory.

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3 thoughts on “Charlotte’s Bet on AppleOS – TMO Daily Observations 2020-06-25

  • Hello Guys:

    Great discussion. You all are doing a great job, and providing much needed alternative content from unpleasantness. Trust me on that. Sorry that I have not had much time to comment lately; duty calls.

    Charlotte, you raise an intriguing proposition. It merits a more thorough response than yours truly is about to provide.

    In short, at the moment, a single Apple OS is not what going to happen, nor should it. It would be a misappropriation of limited resources in time, talent and priorities of highest impact on consumer productivity, at a time when human resources are constrained.

    There is no unmet need that such a unified, scalable OS will address in 2020 that is not being met by current OS solutions; and yet there are higher priority OS vulnerabilities and limitations begging for immediate redress. OS engineers need to bend their energies on addressing those higher priority security and performance vulnerabilities and limitations, whilst the hardware and software engineers focus on optimising Apple Silicon and OS harmonisation and performance across the platform. That alone is going to achieve the twin immediate imperatives of increased user productivity and industry disruption that will continue to tilt the industry towards Apple’s favour, to the benefit of consumers of every platform, as the industry will be compelled to respond to Apple’s solution.

    While I will not insult your intelligence by pretending that I have the technical expertise to weigh in on whether or not your or John K’s proposal is feasible across the Apple platform with a consistent and optimised user experience, I am confident that I can identify higher priorities, within our limited logistical constraints imposed by the pandemic, relevant to personal and data security, software harmonisation, and OS performance, that provide a better cost/benefit ratio to the user community.

  • I’m with you Charlotte. And Bryan is wrong wrong wrong. He has lost many “bets” to me. I love him dragging out the dead horse “Microsoft couldn’t do it”… Ummm Microsoft also failed at making a tabletOS for 15 years before apple walked in with the iPhone and later iPad… There’s a long list of Microsoft failures that apple had no problems overcoming.

    Anyway, I said so a few years ago here:

    TLDR; it’s a singular OS that notes what input and output devices you have, and provides a UI tailored to those input output devices. Have a small screen and just touch, it looks more like an iPhone, bigger screen, looks like iPad, have a decent screen and mouse/trackpad as well as touch, more morphy Mac/iPad, have a big screen no touch, but an trackpad, more macUI… All the libraries are there. So then if you plug your iPhone into a big screen, boom, all the sudden you get a macOS presentation layer.

    Lots of creativity there possible.

    That said, your 2022 time frame might be a touch aggressive, but who knows. Good thoughts!

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