9th Circuit Allows App Store 'Monopoly' Class Action against Apple to Proceed

· Bryan Chaffin · Editorial

Apple lawsuit

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a lower court ruling, allowing a class action suit against Apple to proceed. The nonsense suit claims Apple holds an illegal monopoly over app sales for iOS. A lower court had ruled the class had no standing to sue, but the 9th Circuit’s ruling reverses the decision, allowing the case to proceed.

TMO CES 2017 Coverage Sponsor: Setapp

· Dave Hamilton · Weekly Sponsorship

Setapp monthly software subscription service for the Mac

Our sincere thanks to MacPaw, makers of Setapp, for being one of our CES 2017 Coverage Sponsors this year. MacPaw is immensely committed to the Apple community, and their commitment to sponsor our coverage is yet another sign of that. It takes a lot of work–and money–to get the team assembled here and back in the office to ensure plenty of qualtity, curated Apple-focused CES content, and having MacPaw on board to help us make sure that happens for you is truly special. Indeed, MacPaw’s Setapp shows a similar commitment to user-friendliness. Setapp is the Netflix of Mac software. With one monthly fee you get access to all the software available inside Setapp, no ads, no paid upgrades. Setapp has already lined up an impressive list of well-known Mac software for the service including Ulysses, RapidWeaver 7, Reveal, and Eltima Player and more.

New Year's Day Was the Busiest Day Ever for Apple's App Store

· Jim Tanous · News

app store revenue tim cook

January 1st was a record-setting day for Apple’s App Store, with the company announcing over $240 million in purchases that day alone. It also capped a record-setting year, with app developers earning more than $20 billion in revenue.

Apple Shares Best of 2016 Video For Content

· Andrew Orr · News

A few weeks ago, Apple released its annual ‘Best Of’ lists to showcase the most popular content for the year. Today the company shared a quick video to show top content across all of its categories. We’ll share the video and break down each category.

My 3 Favorite iOS Apps From 2016

· Andrew Orr · Editorial

Andrew Orr's Three Favorite Apps from 2016

As 2016 comes to an end, it’s nice to look back and reflect upon the year. I’d like to share my three favorite apps that I’ve used this year, and why I liked them: Cryptomator, RNI Flashback, and Curiosity.

Super Mario Run Downloads Top 40M in 4 Days

· Jeff Gamet · Product News

Nintendo's Super Mario Run clears 40 million downloads in the first four days

Nintendo’s Super Mario Run for the iPhone and iPad is off to a great start topping 40 million downloads in only four days. This follows the US$5 million the game brought in during its first 24 hours.

Super Mario Run Already the Top Grossing App Store Title

· Jeff Gamet · News

Super Mario Run is already the top grossing and top free game download at Apple's App Store

Nintendo released Super Mario Run for the iPhone and iPad Thursday afternoon, and by early Friday morning it was already the top grossing and top free title on Apple’s App Store. The game is a free download with a US$9.99 in-app purchase to unlock extra levels, and considering Mario’s top spot on the App Store plenty of players are happy to pay up.

Apple Support App for iPhone, iPad Comes to US App Store

· Jeff Gamet · Cool Stuff Found

The Apple Support app for the iPhone and iPad is now available in the U.S. App Store, making it easier for Apple product users to schedule Genius Bar appointments and get other help. The app lists all of the Apple products registered to you, offers tips and suggestions, schedule repair appointments, schedule support calls, and more. The app is a free download at the App Store and in addition to helping you out it’s a shocking reminder for how may Apple products we’re buying.

Apple Support App for iPhone, iPad Comes to US App Store

Apple Schedules Annual iTunes Connect Holiday Shutdown

· Jim Tanous · News

santa sorry were closed

Developers take note! iTunes Connect, the developer portal for all of Apple’s digital platforms, has scheduled its annual holiday shutdown. Get your app submissions and holiday sales data scheduled now!

Stop Safari From Launching iTunes and the App Store With a Free Extension

· Jim Tanous · MGG Answers

itunes stop sign

When you visit an iTunes or App Store website link in Safari, those apps automatically launch. While this makes it easy to find and download content, many users don’t want apps popping up all over their Mac. Here’s a free Safari extension that can solve this problem.

macOS Sierra Now Auto-downloading, but not Auto-installing

· Jeff Gamet · Product News

macOS Sierra running on Apple MacBook

If you haven’t upgraded to macOS Sierra yet, get ready for Apple to push it to your Mac automatically. That doesn’t, however, mean Apple is forcing you to upgrade because the automatically downloaded update isn’t auto-installing.

Apple Cleaning House, Removing Abandoned Titles from App Store

· Jeff Gamet · News

App Store cleaning house

Apple is about to start cleaning the App Store’s house by removing outdated and abandoned apps. The change should make it easier to find the apps you’re looking for, improve discoverability, and cut down on apps that aren’t compatible with current iOS versions. Developers trying to manipulate search results with long app names are in for a surprise, too.

Tim Cook Tweets: Record July for App Store; Developers Have Earned $50 Billion

· Bryan Chaffin · News

Apple with a big pile of money

Tim Cook announced on Twitter Wednesday that July was a record month for the App Store, and that Apple has now paid more than $50 billion to developers. Both represent massive accomplishments, and the $50 billion paid out to developers would make the reputation of any other company for decades to come.