No mini in 2022 iPhone Lineup, Says Ming-Chi Kuo

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that there will be no iPhone 14 mini, in a new note seen by MacRumors. Despite its relatively poor performance, a smaller model is expected to be in the 2021 lineup.

“We predict that the new 2H22 iPhone will come in four models: the high-end 6.7″ and 6.1″, and the lower-end 6.7″ and 6.1″,” wrote Kuo. If there is no so-called iPhone 14 mini next year, the iPhone SE would regain the title of smallest iPhone with its 4.7-inch display. However, the current iPhone SE is actually slightly larger than the 5.4-inch mini model due to having thicker bezels and a Touch ID home button. The iPhone SE also has only a single-lens rear camera and is equipped with an LCD screen, whereas the iPhone 12 mini has a superior OLED display.

iPhone 12 Holds Its Value Better Than Rival Samsung Galaxy S21

Smartphones in the ‌iPhone 12‌ range have lost value by between 18.1 to 33.7 percent since they launched in October last year, according to data from SellCell (spotted by Macrumors). Meanwhile, devices in the Samsung Galaxy S21 series, which only launched in January 2021, have already seen a 44.8 and 57.1 percent drop in value.

We can say with some confidence that the reason the iPhone 12 series has held its value better than the Samsung Galaxy S21 series, is because the demand is still there even after that initial sale. Apple owners looking to upgrade their device will, in the majority, stick to the Apple brand. In that sense, demand is high for pre-owned iPhone 12 handsets, meaning that they keep their value as consumers are happy to pay a premium, even for a refurbished or pre-owned iPhone 12. On the other side, not only do Samsung owners show less loyalty to the brand, but 26% of them are happy to consider jumping ship to an Apple device once they’re done with their Android handset. This has two effects. It decreases demand for Samsung’s handsets, driving the value down, while at the same time increasing Apple demand even further, slowing the rate of iPhone 12 value shrinkage.

Ceramic Shield Protecting iPhone 12 if You Fumble

Apple has released the latest advert promoting the iPhone 12’s Ceramic Shield feature, continuing the theme from a recent clip set in the kitchen. Called ‘Fumble’, this one recreates the heart stopping moment we’ve all experienced – when your device is falling from your hands and there is nothing you can do about it. It is soundtracked by The Conference by Nitin Sawhney.

Ekster Releases Leather MagSafe Wallet for iPhone 12

I reviewed an Ekster wallet a couple years ago and I thought it was a good, high quality wallet. I still have it and use it daily. Today the company informed me of its latest release: a leather MagSafe wallet for the iPhone 12. It has room for at least three cards and cash and is thinner than Apple’s wallet (3mm) at just 1mm. It’s also more affordable at US$33. The leather is suitability-sourced and features the same thumb slot so you can easily access your cards.

New 'Cook' Video Highlights Durability of iPhone 12 Ceramic Shield

Apple released a new video over the weekend highlighting the durability of the iPhone 12 range. Called ‘Cook’, the short clip shows how Ceramic Shield helps the device withstand whatever might get thrown at it in the kitchen. (I’m still keeping reenacting the clip firmly in the ‘don’t try this at home’ category, though!)