iOS 10: How to Prioritize Downloads

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It’s happened to me approximately 20 thousand times: I’m downloading a number of apps on my phone, and I really want to use one that’s in the process of being downloaded. Of course, whichever app I feel the need to open RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW always seems to be last in whatever queue my device has decided upon. Luckily, with iOS 10 and 3D Touch, we can now choose to prioritize one download over another, so I can keep from throttling my iPhone. For one more day, at least.

Here’s all you’ve gotta do: When multiple apps are installing, just press with a little force on the app you’d like to prioritize. When you do so, a menu will pop up with that option.

Prioritize option when downloading app updates in iOS 10
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As you can tell, there are other useful choices there, too, but “Prioritize” is at the top. Pick that, and hopefully you’ll be able to get to use your app a bit faster than you would otherwise!

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