Wi-Fi Calling Not Working on Your New iPhone? It May Need to be Re-enabled

iOS 11 Wi-Fi Calling active

If you update to a new iPhone and Wi-Fi Calling seems to stop working, there’s a good explanation for that: Your call settings may not have carried over from your previous phone. If that happened to you, re-enabling Wi-Fi Calling will fix the problem. Here’s what to do.

iOS 11 Wi-Fi Calling active
Wi-Fi Calling on in iOS 11

Wi-Fi Calling came to the iPhone lineup in 2015 as a way to improve coverage for our phones. If the cell signal is too weak, our phones can use the Wi-Fi connection for the network we’re currently on instead.

When you get a new iPhone and restore from your previous phone’s backup, your settings should carry over. In some cases, however, Wi-Fi calling is off even though you enabled it for your previous phone.

Here’s how to check your Wi-Fi Calling settings, and re-enable the feature if it’s off:

  • Launch Settings on your iPhone
  • Tap Phone
  • Select Wi-Fi Calling
  • If it’s already active, you’re good to go. If not, tap Wi-Fi Calling on This Phone to enable the feature.
iOS 11 Wi-Fi Calling Settings enabled
Wi-Fi Calling settings in iOS 11

If you’re enabling Wi-Fi Calling for the first time you’ll have to update your emergency address. If you’re re-enabling Wi-Fi Calling you may have to verify your address. This is the address emergency services see when you call for help.

You can tell when you’re using Wi-Fi Calling because you’ll see “Wi-Fi” next to your cellular signal strength.

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