How to Enable Wi-Fi Calling on Your iPhone

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Now that AT&T says it can flip the switch and give iPhone owners Wi-Fi calling, we need to turn it on in our phones. That's easy to do, and assuming AT&T has enabled Wi-Fi calling in your area, lets you use broadband Wi-Fi connections whenever you have a weak cell signal. Read on to see how to turn it on.

First you need to have a compatible iPhone. That includes the iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

To enable Wi-Fi calling on your iPhone, do this:

  • Go to Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calling
  • Switch Wi-Fi Calling on This iPhone to On

Set Wi-Fi calling to onSet Wi-Fi calling to on

  • Tap Enable in the information dialog
  • You may also have to confirm your address for emergency services.

Tap Enable to really turn on Wi-Fi CallingTap Enable to really turn on Wi-Fi Calling

Assuming Wi-Fi calling is enabled in your area, you're set. If not, you'll see a warning saying Wi-Fi calling isn't available yet.

Denied? That means AT&T hasn't enabled Wi-Fi calling in your area yet.Denied? That means AT&T hasn't enabled Wi-Fi calling in your area yet.

Your iPhone will automatically use Wi-Fi for your calls when it can. You can tell when you're using Wi-Fi because "AT&T" will be replaced with "AT&T Wi-Fi" in the status bar next to the signal strength dots.

This is what you see when Wi-Fi calling is enabledThis is what you see when Wi-Fi calling is enabled

If you don't want to use Wi-Fi for calls, you can go back into Settings and disable it whenever you like.

For those of us who're still using AT&T's MicroCells for phone calls, this is great because we can finally retire those clunky boxes, open up an extra Ethernet port on our network switches, and free up some shelf space, too.

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Bummer, still not available in my area, I got soooo exited to try (I retired my Microcell cause it kept hanging/crashing). Hopeful grin

Nicolas diPierro

Odd. Maybe some of you could stare and compare for me.

On my AT&T iPhone 5s running iOS 9.0.2, I see no option for Wi-Fi calling at all. Under Settings > General > About > Carrier it says “AT&T 12.0.1” and under Modem Firmware it says “6.01.00”

Lee Dronick

open up an extra Ethernet port on our network switches

It used to be that I never had enough USB ports, now it is ethernet smile


@Nicolas diPierro Go to Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calling


I think this whole FCC thing was a stall tactic by AT&T as they weren’t ready to support it nation wide in the US, now they have no excuse and you’ll see lots of people complaining it’s not available in their area. Just an opinion grin

Nicolas diPierro

@JustCause There is no such setting on my phone. That’s the problem.

At the top, it says

My Number ______. (and lists my number).
The next section below is labeled “CALLS” and contains only the following items.

Calls on Other Devices
Respond with Text
Call Forwarding
Call Waiting
Show My Caller ID

Change Voicemail Password

Dial Assist


AT&T Services


I don’t have Wi-Fi calling listed as an option either. The interesting thing is .. I did have it listed when I first upgraded to iOS9. Was it removed by incremeantal updates to 9.0.2?


You left out one very important point.  WiFi calling is not available for GoPhone customers. Period.  Buy your own phone and sign up for GoPhone pay-as-you-go (mine is $45/mo) and you get a message

We are unable to activate WiFi calling on your device because of your account type.


Hey Jeff, what version of iOS are you running? I have a 5s but can’t find the WiFi calling switch. I’m in the same position as Nicolas diPierro

Gary Dauphin

iPhone 6 and higher only, according to AT&T.

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