iPhone Privacy for the Paranoid: What You Can Do

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Apps to Improve Your Privacy

Now that we’ve controlled iPhone settings, we can go further by using privacy-centric apps. Here are just a few:

  • Email: Apps like Protonmail and Canary Mail encrypt your email. If you’re an advanced user, you can also configure S/MIME on iOS and send/receive encrypted email using Apple Mail. App Store: Protonmail | Canary Mail
  • Notes: If Apple Notes isn’t private enough for you, an alternative called Standard Notes is available. It features end-to-end encryption, open source data, and a commitment to longevity. App Store: Standard NotesUse a VPN for iPhone privacy on the web.
  • Phone: Many services and websites ask for a phone number to use. If you don’t want to give out your number, use a disposable (burner) number. Apps like Burner and TextNow give you a secondary number to use. App Store: Burner | TextNow
  • Messaging: Although iMessage is encrypted, you might be more comfortable with an open source alternative. Signal is a messaging app that is free, open source, encrypted, and also lets you send private phone calls. App Store: Signal
  • Internet: For privacy when browsing the web, use a VPN. This provides an alternative to ISPs, which are dedicated to tracking and selling information about you. Most VPN providers protect your privacy, and keep your data out of the government’s hands. A VPN that we use is Private Internet Access. App Store: PIA

Hopefully this guide will give you peace of mind as you use your iPhone. Whether you’re absolutely paranoid, or just a little concerned, iPhone privacy benefits everyone.

2 thoughts on “iPhone Privacy for the Paranoid: What You Can Do

  • If there’s anyone who STILL doesn’t see what Net Neutrality is all about. Once it’s gone and the ISPs want to charge you for visiting this site, or accessing that service, how do you think they’ll do that? By monitoring every keystroke, every site, every packet, you send or receive and mining it for data. Data they’ll use to charge you extra. Data they’ll sell to anyone and everyone. .

    Still feel like this is being paranoid?

    My only concern is that they’ll just put in a heavy surcharge for VPN traffic because they won’t be able to tell what we’re doing.

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