How to Listen to a Rain Storm on Your HomePod

HomePod with umbrella

White noise machines and apps that play gentle rain storms are great when you’re trying to relax and get some sleep. You can do the same with your Apple HomePod or Amazon Alexa-compatible speaker, too. Read on to learn how.

HomePod with umbrella
You can relax to a rain storm on your HomePod and Amazon Echo

I did a little testing and found, “Hey Siri, I want to hear a rain storm” will get you just that: gentle rain sounds with the occasional quiet rolling thunder. My Amazon Echo was happy to comply as well when I said, “Alexa, I want to hear a rain storm.”

Surprisingly, Google Assistant had no idea what I wanted. My Google Home decided to throw together a playlist with songs that didn’t quite fit with a rain storm theme. I guess not all voice assistants are created equal.

Sure, I can do the same with my iPhone and Siri, but the sound quality on my HomePod is so much better.

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