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Apple Registers Various 'Apple One' Domains

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Logos for Apple Services News+, Music TV+, and Arcade

Apple has registered a variety of domain names based on the phrase ‘Apple One’ ahead of its expected launch at the ‘Time Flies’ event.

Google Aims to go Carbon-Free by 2030

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Sundar Pichai announcing Google carbon free by 2030 plans

Google has set itself an unprecedented target- to operate 24/7 on carbon-free energy by 2030, CEO Sundar Pichai has revealed.

What Next for the TikTok Sale?

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TikTok logo

U.S. President Donald Trump has indicated that he will not extend the deadline for the sale of TikTok. So what comes next? Reuters took a look.

If the deadline is not extended, then transactions with TikTok would be banned, although exactly which ones has not been specified. Reuters has reported the executive order could make advertising on the platform illegal and TikTok has been preparing advertisers for such an outcome. The U.S. is likely to ban TikTok from being downloaded from app stores, Reuters has also reported. However, it is unclear whether there are transactions that can be prohibited that will prevent existing users who have already downloaded TikTok from using it.

Apple Card May Expand Beyond U.S. in 2020

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No account, expiration date, or security code on Apple Card... only my name and some logos...

Apple Card may be moving beyond the U.S. Macrumors has information indicating the expansion could happen as early as this year.

A source claiming to be close to an unnamed Australian banking corporation involved in supporting ‌‌Apple Card‌‌ in Australia tells MacRumors that ‌Apple Card‌ will be launching in multiple new regions as soon as the end of this year. The tip speculated that the Australian release may coincide with the release of iOS 14.1 or iOS 14.2, but cautioned that it might not be ready until an iOS 14.3 release in early 2021. In addition, Apple has recently advertised for several new Apple Card Product Manager roles that involve travel and “working with external partners such as payment networks, bank issuers and other players.” In the U.S., Goldman Sachs is ‌Apple Card‌’s only bank issuer. The job description may suggest that Apple is setting about negotiation with other issuers within the U.S., or more likely, issuers to support ‌Apple Card‌ in other regions around the world.

TikTok Admits Shadow Banning Some LGBT Hashtags

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TikTok on iPhone

TikTok has admitted blocking some LGBT-related hashtags in certain countries, BBC News reported. It followed a report by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

A shadow ban limits the discovery of content without indicating that a particular hashtag is on a ban list. TikTok said that some hashtags were restricted to comply with local laws. According to the ASPI, terms that were not linking to content included: “gay” in Russian and Arabic, “I am a lesbian” and “I am gay” in Russian “transgender” in Arabic. TikTok said that while some terms were restricted to comply with local laws, others were limited because they were primarily used to discover pornographic content.

Apple Reportedly Orders 'Large Number' of Foldable Displays From Samsung

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Durability Test

Apple has ordered a “large number” of foldable displays from Samsung, according to rumors picked up by MacRumors. Are we heading towards a foldable iPhone then? I’m not convinced that a) it’s happening, b) I’d want one if it did.

The “large number” of foldable displays will be samples for use in mobile phone devices, and Samsung will apparently supply the units to Apple for the duration of one year. The leaker also seemed to stress the immediacy of this development, perhaps implying that the order is about to commence. Last year, it was reported that Samsung was shipping its foldable display technology to other companies, including Apple, in the hopes of receiving orders. The new leak may indicate that after testing initial samples last year, Apple is now trialling foldable devices more extensively. Some sources have proposed that a foldable ‌iPhone‌ could launch as soon as next year.


Facebook EU Antitrust Filing Accuses Apple of Anticompetitive Behavior

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Facebook iPhone Mac

Facebook accused Apple of anticompetitive behavior, in a document filed with the EU this week, AppleInsider reported. CEO Mark Zuckerberg expressed a similar view in a recent interview.

The document, provided by the EU’s competition watchdog, asks businesses if they have been subjected to anticompetitive behavior on large online platforms. Facebook took the opportunity to highlight its grievances with Apple. The complaints were lodged in two areas: Facebook Gaming and Apple’s upcoming plan to require a user’s consent before a company could place ad trackers on their device. Facebook alleges that the Facebook Gaming app has been “affected by unfair contractual terms and unfair practices imposed by Apple with respect to the App Store and on iOS more broadly.” Facebook Gaming was rolled out to iOS users in August after restructuring the app to comply with the App Store terms and conditions. Facebook was required to remove gameplay functionality as Apple does not allow third-party gaming platforms.

Apple Marina Bay Sands Opens Its Doors

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Apple Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

The newest Apple Store – Apple Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is the company’s first retail location directly on water.

The Day Steve Jobs Returned to The Stage After a Liver Transplant

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Steve Jobs return liver transplant

September 9 is another big day in Apple history. As Cult of Mac reflected, it was the day in 2009 that Steve Jobs returned to the Apple keynote stage following his liver transplant.

“I wouldn’t be here without such generosity,” Jobs told the audience, referring to the organ donor whose liver he received. “I hope all of us can be as generous and elect to become organ donors.” Before revealing Apple’s new line of iPad nanos, Jobs said, “I’m vertical, I’m back at Apple, and I’m loving every day of it.” A decade later, we now know far more about Jobs’ return than we did in 2009. First and foremost, of course, we know that while Jobs’ liver operation succeeded, pancreatic cancer ultimately resulted in the Apple CEO’s death a little over two years later. Members of Jobs’ inner circle knew about the cancer at the time, but nobody discussed it.

Colorado Signs up to Apple COVID-19 Exposure Notifications Express

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Apple logo with google logo

The state of Colorado has adopted the recently announced COVID-19 Exposure Notifications Express system recently announced by Apple and Google. The system is currently available on iOS 13.7 and will be released on Android in the near future.

Following the recent updated release of an Exposure Notifications Express system from Apple and Google, Colorado has announced that it will be adopting the technology. The state’s Governor says it will be available ahead of a September 27 Denver Broncos game. It’s part of what Governor Jared Polis called+ a return to “quote-unquote normalcy,” assuming that Coloradans use the technology and keep up social distancing. “”These are really the ways we can get back to enjoying the things we love,” he said.