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Kamala Harris Asks Jack Dorsey to Suspend Donald Trump's Twitter Account

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Kamala Harris

California Senator and Democratic Presidential hopeful Kamala Harris wrote to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Wednesday, CNBC reported. She asked him to remove President Donald Trump’s account, highlighting a number of the President’s recent Tweets.

In a letter to Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, the senator from California pointed to a series of tweets from the president referring to the whistleblower who filed a complaint about Trump’s July 25 call with the president of Ukraine. Harris said Trump’s tweets were an attempt to “target, harass” and “out” the whistleblower. Harris also pointed to Trump’s tweet that “a Civil War” could break out if Democrats successfully remove the president from office. She said the tweet suggests “that violence could be incited should Congress issue formal articles of impeachment against him.” “Time to do something about this,” Harris tweeted to Dorsey. She included Trump’s tweet calling the impeachment inquiry a “COUP.”

Google Will Tell Users if Their Password has Been Hacked

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Google has updated its password manager to tell users if their password has been compromised, Wired reported. The feature, called Password Checkup, resembles those available from other password managers.

The feature, Password Checkup, is built into Google’s existing password manager, and tells you if you username or password has been compromised in a third-party data breach. Along with this service, Checkup will also tell you if your passwords are being reused across different sites, and recommend if your password should be strengthened. Password Checkup is built from a Chrome extension launched earlier this year. Google says the extension has been downloaded more than one million times, with nearly half of those users receiving a warning that their password was compromised. In the future, Password Checkup will be built directly into the Chrome browser by default – users will receive the feature without needing to install a separate extension.

Mark Zuckerberg Discusses Elizabeth Warren and TikTok in Facebook Staff Meeting

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On Tuesday. The Verge published leaked audio of Mark Zuckerberg talking to staff during an internal meeting. It has now published further transcripts. They revealed the Facebook CEO’s thoughts on a number of issues, including Senator Elizabeth Warren and TikTok.

Question: With the recent FCC fine, investigation, and with the rise of politicians like Sen. Warren, I was wondering how personally worried you are about regulators coming in and breaking up Facebook? Mark Zuckerberg: Well, I think you want to separate out a couple of things. I’m certainly more worried that someone is going to try to break up our company. Now, there’s a separate question about, at the end of the day, there is the rule of law — which, for all of the concern about the direction the country is going in, as someone running a company that operates in a lot of different countries, I have to say one of the things that I love and appreciate about our country the most is that we have a really solid rule of law, which is very different from a lot of other places around the world.


iWork on Mobile Devices Gets Dark Mode

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The iWork suite of apps was updated, with the mobile versions getting Dark Mode support, as well as support for new iOS 13 and iPadOS gestures.

Call of Duty Finally Arrives on iOS

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Call of Duty for iOS is finally here! You can now play some of the games well-known maps. Options include participating in a 100 person Battle Royale, 5vs5 deathmatches, and taking on zombies. The game is free on iPad and iPhone.

Call of Duty Finally Arrives on iOS

YouTube Music Replaces Google Play Music on Android

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youtube music

YouTube Music will replace Google Play Music as the default music app on Android devices. It will come pre-installed on smartphones and be part of Android 10, Sky News reported.

The service – which has struggled to seize a significant portion of the music streaming market – will replace the relatively unsuccessful Google Play Music app. The move is more a matter of Google consolidating its estate of products rather than attempting to meet the standards of competitors. YouTube Music will come pre-installed on new Android smartphones and will be included in the next version of its operating system, which will simply be known as Android 10 after Google ditched its dessert-themed naming conventions.

Brands Turn to Product Placements as we Watch Ad-Free Streaming Services

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Apple TV

Like many streaming services, Apple TV+ will be ad-free. That is making brands and advertisers rethink how they can reach consumers. AdWeek reported that product placements are becoming more prominent as a result.

Ultimately, though, brands want to be where consumers are. As viewing habits continue to shift to streaming, finding a way to make it onto emerging platforms will only become more essential. “What advertisers and brands are going to need to do is leverage the full ecosystems of those brands to reach people,” said Billy Boulia, group connections director at the agency The Community. “It’s going to become even more important to go in deep with the Apples and the HBOs and the Disneys.”

Here's to The Crazy Ones - 22 Years on

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On September 28, 1997, Apple released the Here’s to the Crazy Ones commercial. 22 years on, Cult of Mac reflected on the iconic spot.

Narrated by actor Richard Dreyfuss, the TV spot starts out with an instantly memorable salute to counterculture ideals. “Here’s to the crazy ones,” Dreyfuss intones. “The misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers — the round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. Black-and-white images of more than a dozen 20th-century visionaries, from Albert Einstein and Buckminster Fuller to John Lennon and Martin Luther King Jr., flow past as masterful marketing copy praises the power of bold ideas. The spot ends with the powerful (and grammatically questionable) advertising slogan, “Think different.”


Spotlight Search Responds Immediately in iPadOS 13

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Daring Fireball’s John Gruber was frustrated at the delay in Spotlight search when using an external keyboard with an iPad. He confirmed Saturday that this issue had been fixed in iPadOS 13.

A little birdie told me this would be fixed in iOS/iPadOS 13. And I’m happy to confirm that — so far at least — Spotlight search with an external keyboard hasn’t missed a keystroke for me yet. There actually are bug fixes in iOS 13, too.

Ming-Chi Kuo Says Mini-LED Displays Coming to iPad and MacBooks

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On Sunday, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reiterated his view that sometime between late 2020 and mid-2021 high-end iPad and MacBooks with Mini-LED displays will land. MacRumors took a look at the anaylt’s latest note.

LG Display will supply the Mini-LED display panels, while other Mini-LED component suppliers will include Epistar, Zhen Ding, Radiant Opto-Electronics, Nichia, Avary Holding, and TSMT, according to Kuo. Kuo believes the Mini-LED displays will allow for thinner and lighter product designs, while also offering good wide color gamut performance, high contrast and HDR, and local dimming, which dims the backlight behind areas of the screen that are displaying black while keeping the bright parts of the screen bright.

Apple Store Antara in Mexico City Opens

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Apple Store Antara

Apple opened its latest retail location, Apple Store Antara, in the Polanco district of Mexico City on Friday.

iPad 7 Teardown Show Little Change

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iFixit posted its teardown of the iPad 7.  It found very little to differentiate if from its predecessor.

Well there you have it, the 10.2″ iPad 6 iPad 7 laid out after facing the business end of a teardown. This turned out to be a pretty light refresh! Just a size increase, the addition of a Smart Connector, and an extra GB of RAM. The display and digitizer still aren’t fused together, despite the addition of Pro-like features, which is something we’re very happy to see survive. Non-laminated, separately replaceable cover glass and LCD makes most screen repairs far less expensive. The LCD is simple to remove once you separate the cover glass/digitizer. As with all iPads, a solid barrier of very strong adhesive hinders all repairs. The Lightning port, a common point of failure, is soldered to the logic board. More adhesive holds nearly everything else in place. Battery and logic board replacements are particularly obnoxious.




Galaxy Fold is Available For Purchase in U.S.

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Samsung Galaxy Fold

After a five-month delay, and a lot of mockery, Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is finally available to purchase in the U.S. Techcrunch reports there are still some problems with the device.

Five months after originally planned, the Galaxy Fold goes on sale today in the U.S. The handset has had its share of setbacks, of course. The first round ran into problems from several reviewers for a variety of reasons. And as I outlined yesterday, I ran into my own issues with the reinforced version of the handset. Even in its current version, the Galaxy Fold is a fragile thing. That’s something Samsung has been abundantly cautious about disclosing, through a video pleading to “just use a light touch” and a lot of paperwork that ships with the device. I’ll be giving more thoughts on my time with the product in an upcoming write-up. In the meantime, however, anyone thinking of plunking down the $2,000 (and up) needs to factor that into the equation.