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Prioritizing The Bachelorette — Mac Geek Gab 903

John F. Braun
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Joe Preiser
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Greate show as always.

Regarding physical and eSIM support on newer iPhones, the iPhone 13 lineup has 2 eSIM "slots" and 1 physical SIM slot. They will support up to 2 active SIMs (1 physical, 1 virtual, 2 virtual, 1 of each).

My phone was purchased through Apple but set up for AT&T and came with one of the eSIM slots activated for my AT&T account. As I understand it, I can still activate a plan on the second eSIM slot or install a physical SIM without impacting the primary account.

Older phones with eSIM support only had 1 eSIM slot and 1 physical SIM slot so it was better to keep one's primary account on a physical SIM in order to keep the eSIM available for short term plans (e.g. when travelling).

Dave Hamilton
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Amazing. Thanks, Joe! I didn't know that (hey — I learned one of my five new things for the week). Indeed, you're right: notes "Dual eSIM support" there. That's awesome. Thanks for sharing, Joe, and thanks for listening.