A Personal Reflection On Steve Jobs' Passing

· Kelly Guimont · Editorial

Image of Steve Jobs holding an iPhone, by Nitrozac of Joy of Tech

Kelly was a contributor at The Unofficial Apple Weblog at the time of Steve Jobs’ passing, and looks back to 2011 and coverage of that moment.

Surprise! iPad Mini 6 Has Smaller Usable Display

· Frank Cioffi · Editorial

2021 iPad mini 6

Frank Cioffi is a big fan of Apple’s iPad mini, but was surprised to find that even though the display is bigger diagonally with the new iPad mini 6, the way that real estate is used makes for less actual usable space in some key areas.

Time for Some Fall App Subscription Cleanup?

· Jeff Butts · Editorial

Time for Some Fall App Subscription Cleanup

As the holiday season approaches, the need to cut spending comes near for many of us. An app subscription cleanup could be the thing to do. Jeff Butts describes what he and others have discovered about their app subscription spending habits over the past 18 months.

VR Video Conferencing Has Arrived, With a Catch

· Jeff Butts · Editorial

VR Video Conferencing

If you’ve been looking for a more realistic experience in remote collaboration, VR video conferencing is here. You might not like it, though. It’s made by those folks at Facebook, who have proven not the most reliable when it comes to your privacy.