Apple Releases iOS 11.3 Developer Beta 5 for iPhone, iPad [UPDATED]

iOS beta on iPhone X

Here come the next wave of beta updates: Apple released iOS 11.3 developer beta 5 for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch on Monday.

iOS beta on iPhone X
iOS 11.3 developer beta 5 ready for download

The release notes for developer beta 5 are the same as developer beta 4, so at this point we’re assuming this update is essentially just bug fixes.

iOS 11.3 adds in battery health monitoring, the ability to turn off the performance fix for worn out batteries, ARKit 1.5, new Animoji characters, more transparent privacy settings and information, support for HomeKit device authentication via software instead of embedded chips, Health Records in the Health app, Business Chat in Messages, and more.

iOS 11.3 developer beta 5 requires an Apple developer account. A public beta is available, too.

Update: iOS 11.3 public beta 5 is out, too. Be sure you have a good backup before installing in case something goes wrong!

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