Rumors Suggest Next-Generation iPhone SE Will See Rebranded iPhone XR Design


According to recent reports, the next-generation iPhone SE will feature a design based around the iPhone XR.

This information comes from leaker Jon Prosser, who cites new information from his sources.

Rumors Suggest Next iPhone SE Will See iPhone XR-Like Design

Within the latest episode of the Geared Up podcast featuring Andru Edwards and Jon Rettinger (via AppleTrackr), Prosser claims that, “The SE 4, from what I understand – and I don’t think I’ve said this publicly – is just the iPhone XR”.

Currently, the third-generation iPhone SE, seeing a release earlier this year, is based on the iPhone 8 and previous iPhone SE. The current iPhone SE features thick top and bottom display bezels, which differs from Apple’s other iPhones. It also features a Home button, which some people dearly miss on the main series iPhones.

Additionally, since all other iPhones now feature Face ID, the iPhone SE switching to the iPhone XR design may spell doom for the Home button.

Concerning the iPhone XR, Apple no longer lists it within its stores. The phone features a 6.1-inch LCD display. The current iPhone SE has a 4.7-inch display. With luck, the new design may bring about a larger screen for frugal iPhone shoppers.

Concerning additional rumors for the iPhone SE, the only notable ones have arrived from Ross Young. According to Young, Cupertino has plans to release a fourth-generation iPhone SE featuring a larger 5.7-inch display as early as 2023. At the time, Young did not mention if the new model would retain the Home button, top and bottom bezels, or the notched screen and Face ID.

(Note: Young clarifies the correct generation in a following Tweet.)

Is There a Need for the iPhone SE?

Considering that Apple just released a new iPhone SE just this year, it is not entirely clear when Apple would actually update the SE series. Back in March, reports made suggestions that Apple cut the supply of the iPhone SE due to weak demand. Additionally, the latest iPhone SE also released to mixed reviews. While some reviews were mostly positive, several other factors caused lower-than-expected demand for the iPhone.

Of course, considering that the iPhone 14 is less than a week away from announcement, it will be interesting to see if this generates any demand for a more wallet-friendly device. Considering that the Pro series is likely to get a price increase, there may be some demand for a cheaper iPhone.

Personally, the iPhone SE still seems like a great choice for those not looking to break the bank, or for those looking to give their children an introduction to the smartphone world. While it may not receive the attention of say, the iPhone 14, that doesn’t mean the SE has entirely worn out its welcome.

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