Get a Raspberry Pi Camera With This New $50 Product

The Raspberry Pi Foundation announced a camera board built around a 12MP Sony IMX477 sensor, and it supports interchangeable lenses.

The High Quality Camera is compatible with almost all Raspberry Pi models, from the original Raspberry Pi 1 Model B onward. Some very early Raspberry Pi Zero boards from the start of 2016 lack a camera connector, and other Zero users will need the same adapter FPC that is used with Camera Module v2.

Apple Could Let You Edit iMessages in the Future

A patent filed in December reveals a method to let Apple customers edit iMessages as a method of correction. The edit history would also be available so everyone can see what the sender originally wrote.

The patent filing has an example to demonstrate Apple’s system for editing previously-sent texts. Two people are discussing a trip, and one of them accidentally writes and sends “Can I get a ridiculous up with you?”

They then press and hold on that text to bring up a windows with “Edit” as an option. They make the change so the text reads “Can I get a ride up with you?”

This is a great feature and I hope Apple adds it to iOS. Memojis and Animojis are fun, but Messages needs features like this that are actually useful to people.

Xcode For The iPad - What do Developers Think?

Rumors abound that software building tool Xcode is coming to the iPad. AppleInsider asked a variety of developers what they think about that prospect.

Whilst I’m excited about the prospect of Xcode for iPad, it’s unclear how it would realistically build most existing projects,” says ITV Hub developer Steve Barnegren from the UK. “Many developers augment Xcode’s build process by inserting custom scripts in to the build process, or requiring some build steps to be performed on the command line before Xcode itself can build the project.” “On macOS, developers can leverage any command line tools installed on the system, and have unrestricted freedom to modify or generate files during the build,” Barnegren continues. “Without some sort of access to a command line, and more complete file system access, it’s difficult to envision how these types of workflows could continue to exist on iPad.”

iPhone SE Camera vs Galaxy A51 Camera

CNET has done a nice comparison of the cameras on Apple and Samsung’s $400 phones. Both are good, but for video and detail when magnifying, the iPhone SE wins out.

The iPhone can also film at 4K/60fps, while the A51 can only film at 4K/30. Autofocus on the Galaxy A51 isn’t as smooth as it is on the iPhone SE… Both these $400 phones have capable cameras that bely the retail price. The Galaxy offers more flexibility if you want to be able to switch between different scenarios like using ultra-wide or macro. But the iPhone has stronger video recording and, in some cases, the camera captures more detail at full magnification.