Slate Wrap for iPhone, a Study in Textured Black

The Slate wrap from Slickwraps crossed my desk a few days ago, and the thing is that it stuck with me. I find it compelling. Attractive. It’s a study in textured blacks, and I do like black cases and covers for my devices (YMMV). Slickwraps has been knocking it out of the part with their wraps lately, too. In any event, the company is calling this a limited edition, and say that it protects from minor scratches and small drops. They have them for iPhones, several Android devices (if that’s your thing), and even a MacBook. The ones for smartphone are priced at US$24.95.

Biisuke Ball's Big Adventure Part 2 Is a Great Rube Goldberg Machine

I love Rube Goldberg machines. We’ve seen some very clever ones in recent year, but how many have come with their own narrative theme song and an action adventure story? Enter Biisuke Ball’s Big Adventure Part 2 [via Sploid]. It’s a Rube Goldberg machine where three balls go on a well-timed adventure, complete with the afore-mentioned narrative theme song. It’s in Japanese, but there are subtitles, and the real magic is in the ingenious machine. Enjoy!

This Coating is So Black, it Messes With Your Mind [Video]

Here’s the blurb from Mashable: “In 2014, researchers in the UK created the darkest material in the world known as ‘Vantablack.’ Now, they’ve created a spray-on version. Vantablack is so dark that it distorts the shape and form of the objects on which it’s painted.” Absorbing 99.965 percent of visible light, this coating reflects so little, it creates new optical illusions, disguises shapes, and tricks the human eye. You’ve never seen nothing like this. Wile E. Coyote helps with the demonstration.

Evade the macOS 'Too Many Open Files' Error by Pushing the Limits

Here at Mac Observer, we’re penultimate geeks. We push our Macs to the limits, and then find ways to surpass those limits. macOS has limits put in place that result in occasional error messages about “too many open files,” which one of the team ran afoul of. Jeff Butts dove deep into the core of macOS and found out how to increase the limits Apple has imposed upon us.