VSCO X February 2020 Film: FT6

Based on Fuji’s discontinued T64 film, FT6 gives photos cool tones perfect for dim city nights and soft, overcast days. It’s a good way to offset the orange and yellow tones commonly found with tungsten light, like from street lamps. But you don’t need that kind of light to edit with FT6. It works great for coastal fog, snowy days, or turning daytime scenes into nighttime scenes with the following recipe: FT6, Exposure (-6.0), and Contrast (+2.0).

VSCO X is a membership program for the photography app VSCO. It’s a yearly subscription that offers exclusive film emulation presets. Members also have access to the entire library of 130+ presets. The membership costs US$19.99/year.

App Store: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

The Mac Observer has a full list of Film X presets that gets updated with each new release, as well as a list of the classic presets.

Steve Wozniak Says Steve Jobs Driven by Being an 'Important Person'

In a podcast conversation picked up on by Cult of Mac,  Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak revealed that Steve Jobs “wanted to be that important person in life.” There were other telling anecdotes during the conversation with Guy Kawasaki too.

Woz just wanted to have fun, but Jobs was propelled by something else, Wozniak said on the podcast. “[He] was always looking for little ways to make a next step in money, [and] he wanted to be that important person in life,” Woz told Kawasaki. During the podcast, Wozniak talked about the early days of Apple and how success changed Jobs. “He got kind of strict,” Woz said. While Woz always liked to joke around, Jobs stopped doing so. Wozniak, meanwhile, told Kawasaki that he had no desire to be a rich guy. “I had told everyone I knew I was going to be an engineer at Hewlett Packard for life because I loved it and I didn’t want to ever be corrupted by big money,” he said.

Huawei Equipment Backdoor Found in HiSilicon Chips

Hardware researcher Vladislav Yarmak found a Huawei equipment backdoor used in video recorders and security cameras.

To be clear, this security vulnerability is said to be present in the software HiSilicon provides with its system-on-chips to customers. These components, backdoor and all, are then used by an untold number of manufacturers in network-connected recorders and cameras.

It’s not a major threat, or anything people need to fret about, it’s just another indicator of Huawei’s piss-poor approach to security.

AKA do not let Huawei build your 5G infrastructure.

Join the Mimeo Photo Contest to Win a Signed Print From Photographer Nigel Barker

Last year I reviewed Mimeo Photos on macOS, and I was pleased with the photo printing service. The company announced a photo contest judged by Nigel Barker, and winners can receive one of his signed prints and more.

The top 9 finalists will win a 20in x 30in print of their own image and a $25 Mimeo Photos voucher towards prints.

One lucky winner will get to choose from one of the below 20in x 30in signed Nigel Barker prints, a 20in x 30in print of their own image, and a $50 Mimeo Photos voucher.