Apple Store in India May Not Happen in 2020

Apple plans to launch an online store in India in the third quarter of 2020. However, according to Techcrunch, a much anticipated physical store there might not open this year.

The source said the company was still working on the logistics of setting up the store and that the quarter between July and September was the new deadline. Apple CEO Tim Cook would likely plan an India trip for the announcement, the source said. The company’s first official physical store in India, to be situated in Mumbai, will take an additional few months of time for setting up and might not be ready by this year, the source said.

Here’s What the ‘Race to 5G’ Really Means

Karl Bode writes about corporations talking about the “race to 5G”, saying that it’s more like a race to bigger profits.

The “race” rhetoric is largely an illusion created by companies eager to do the bare minimum in exchange for as many subsidies, regulatory favors and tax breaks they can grab. This mindless regulatory capture has resulted in a US Telecom sector that routinely ranks in the middle of the pack in every metric that matters. While 5G will be a good thing when deployed at scale, it’s foolish to think the new wireless technical standard will address the deeper rot that plagues the sector.

Mr. Zuckerberg Goes to Brussels

Mark Zuckerberg is to head to Europe to try and stop EU lawmakers implementing tough new regulations on his firm, Bloomberg News reports. The Facebook CEO’s Brussels visit will coincide with his attendance at the Munich security conference.

The Belgian capital has for years been at the forefront of regulating large U.S. tech companies, with strict competition enforcement and its flagship privacy rules, the General Data Protection Regulation, which entered into force in 2018. Facebook currently faces a slew of probes by national data protection regulators. At the same time, the European Commission, the bloc’s executive body, is looking into possible antitrust issues around how the company collects user data and has criticized the social media giant’s handling of the spread of disinformation on its platform.

Focus - Website and Application Blocker for MacOS Unlimited Plan: $29.99

We have a deal on Focus, a website and application blocker for the Mac that’s designed to help you stay on task. Focus sits in your menu-bar and helps you block distracting websites, domains, or apps. It also features schedules and timers, password protection, productivity stats, BASH scripting support, and more. I’m linking to our deal for an Unlimited Plan for $29.99, but there are also less expensive plans called Productivity and Professional.