Just Mobile's AluCharge 4-Port USB-A Charger Falls Just Short

· John Martellaro · Quick Look Review

Just Mobile AluCharge

Available in early December, the Just Mobile AluCharge is a four port. USB-A only charging hub. Made of solid aluminum, It outputs up to 31 watts and is designed to be world ready with the corresponding power plug. While it’s small and well made, it has some disadvantages compared to a notable competitor reviewed previously.

macOS Sierra: Launching Apps from Unidentified Developers

· Jeff Gamet · Quick Tip

macOS Sierra blocks apps it doesn't trust from launching

macOS Sierra wants to keep you safe from apps that might not have your best interests at heart, say like, ransomware that locks you out of your files until you pay out a couple bitcoin. But what about the apps Sierra won’t let you launch that you know are safe? There’s a fix for that once you know where to look.

Give the Gift of Music… Apple Music

· Bob LeVitus · Dr. Mac's Rants & Raves

Apple Music makes a great gift

This week’s episode explores why Dr. Mac and his family love Apple Music so much and why it’s a great gift to give any music lover.

Apple's Tribes and Cloud Services – TMO Daily Observations 2016-12-01

· Dave Hamilton & Adam Christianson · The Mac Observer's Daily Observations Podcast

TMO Daily Observations Podcast Logo

There is a long history of tribes discussing, analyzing and, yes, chastising Apple. That’s more true today than it ever has been… or is it? How much of the past reflects in the future? Those very same tribes often talk about Apple’s need to increase the amount of free iCloud storage provided to each user. Are they right? Join TDO today as John Martellaro, Adam Christianson and Dave Hamilton discuss!

Apple Adds Online Form for Checking iPhone 6s Battery Replacement Eligibility

· Bryan Chaffin & Jim Tanous · Product News

iphone 6s battery replacement serial number

Apple added an online form for checking your iPhone 6s eligibility for a battery replacement program. The program itself was announced in November, but it was initially up to customers to figure out if their serial number was eligible. The form allows owners to simply enter that serial number and be told if it’s eligible.

Quickly Close a New Safari Tab With a Swipe

· Jim Tanous · MGG Answers

close new tab safari

Most Mac users know how to close a new Safari tab with the mouse or via a keyboard shortcut, but Mac Geek Gab listener Dale discovered a lesser known method via a swipe gesture. Here’s how it works.

Apple to Unleash a Fleet of Flying Drones to Improve Maps Data

· Jim Tanous · News

apple maps drones

Apple Maps has come a long way, but still trails Google in many areas. Apple is therefore preparing a fleet of flying drones to take to the skies in an effort to greatly increase the volume and accuracy of the company’s mapping data.

LifePower A2-L 27,000mAh Portable Power Outlets: $229

· Bryan Chaffin · TMO Deals

LifePower A2 Portable Charger

27,000mAh of power. That’s a crap tonne of power for a portable battery. That’s enough to charge your mobile devices and many laptops, too. We have a deal on the LifePower A2-L 27,000mAh Portable Power Outlet, with one AC outlet and one USB port, and 27,000mAh of power. It’s $229 through our deal.

Plex Media Player is Now Free for Everyone

· Jim Tanous · Cool Stuff Found

You all know that we love Plex around here, and yesterday the company announced that its new Plex Media Player app for Mac and Windows, which had previously been limited to paying “Plex Pass” customers, is now free for everyone! Even better, the latest version of the app now supports both a “10-foot” interface for navigating with a remote as well as the Plex “Web” interface for more intimate use with mouse and keyboard. Check out the announcement at the Plex Blog and download your copy of Plex Media Player for macOS.

Plex Media Player is Now Free for Everyone

¡Buenas noticias! Apple Pay Now Available in Spain

· Jim Tanous · News

apple pay spain

Apple today rolled out Apple Pay in Spain, partnering with select credit card issuers and retailers to bring its secure mobile payment service to customers. Spain is the 13th country to support the service as Apple continues its steady Apple Pay expansion.

Apple Says It's Working to Fight iCloud Calendar Spam

· Jim Tanous · News

The iCloud Calendar spam problem is getting worse, and users are helpless to stop it. Thankfully, Apple has confirmed that it’s working on a solution, but we don’t yet know how much of this questionable canned meat we’ll need to swallow before the company gets this right.

Finally: a Self-Driving Car System That's Open Source and Free

· Bryan Chaffin · Cool Stuff Found

Former iPhone hacker George Hotz has released his company’s self-driving car software and hardware as open source. The software itself is on GitHub, as well as 3D printer plans for housing the smartphone needed to run it. The Verge reported there is only one device that will work—the OnePlus 3—and you’re going to need some specific Honda or Accura models to use it. And really, what could go wrong with a bunch of folks experimenting with unproven autonomous vehicle software? Mr. Hotz has been developing the software and hardware as an after-market conversion kit, which he intended to compete with Tesla’s self-driving system. He abruptly announced he was pulling the product from market after regulators had the temerity to express an interest in it. This week, he announced its release as an open source project, rather than a for-sale product. Again, what could go wrong?

Finally: a Self-Driving Car System That’s Open Source and Free

How Tribal Warfare Caused Apple’s Loss of Gloss

· John Martellaro · Editorial

Tribal flames.

Modern tribes are groups formed of one mind held together by their beliefs and easy, fast communication. They work to obtain a voice in the community and are often at war with each other or Apple over some technical topic. Apple tends to dismiss these tribes and focus on the customer, but tribes can have an influence too. Understanding Apple’s intentions and vision against the torch of the tribes is a tricky process. John explains.

ACM 387: State of Apple Advertising, Apple's Product Vision

· Bryan Chaffin · Apple Context Machine Podcast

Apple Context Machine Logo

John Kheit joins Bryan Chaffin to discuss the state of Apple’s advertising, including Frankie’s Holiday, Balloons, and Bulbs. Spoiler, John hates them and Bryan thinks they’re lovely. They also talk about Apple’s product vision and the end of AirPort. Another spoiler: John is cranky about that, too.

Kinkoo 3-Outlet, 4-USB Port Surge Protecting Smart Power Strip: $24.99

· Bryan Chaffin · TMO Deals

Kinkoo Smart Power Strip

Check out the Kinkoo, a power strip with both regular power outlets and built-in USB charging ports. That’s clever and useful, and we have a deal on it for $24.99. Not only does it have the built-in USB ports, three of them are regular USB ports, and one is USB-C for a little future proofing. Check out the deal listing for more info.

TMO Daily Observations 2016-11-30: Offline Netflix and AirPods Alternatives

· Dave Hamilton & Kelly Guimont · The Mac Observer's Daily Observations Podcast

TMO Daily Observations Podcast Logo

Netflix is now beginning to allow offline viewing for some content and Tim Cook suggests that he anticipates AirPods will ship in the next few weeks. John Martellaro and Kelly Guimont join Dave Hamilton today to chat through all this… and more, including a few recommendations for AirPods alternatives that you can buy today.

Netflix Finally Introduces Offline Viewing for iOS & Android

· Jim Tanous · Product News

netflix offline iphone

Want to binge on your favorite Netflix shows but can’t spare the mobile bandwidth? Netflix today finally introduced offline viewing for iOS and Android, letting users download select TV shows and movies for viewing anywhere, regardless of connectivity.

Watch Nature Rage and Man Sprawl with Google Earth Timelapse

· Jim Tanous · Cool Stuff Found

Google Earth Timelapse is “a global, zoomable video that lets you see how the Earth has changed over the past 32 years.” It’s not exactly new, but the project was just updated this week with new data and improved historical images. Head over to the Timelapse website, zoom into your favorite location, and watch the path of rivers change, glaciers melt, and cities spread from 1984 through 2016. It’s an incredible way to view the immense library of Google Earth’s satellite imagery.

Watch Nature Rage and Man Sprawl with Google Earth Timelapse