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Apple Context Machine Podcast

Hosted by Bryan Chaffin from The Mac Observer.

Apple Context Machine

Apple Context Machine is a weekly in-depth look at Apple and the tech world from Bryan Chaffin, editor-in-chief of The Mac Observer with special guests from the tech world.

Background Mode Podcast

Hosted by John Martellaro from The Mac Observer.

Background Mode

Join The Mac Observer's John Martellaro every week for fascinating interviews with tech industry pros and luminaries. It's more than a show about what they do; it's about who they are.

Mac Geek Gab Podcast

Hosted by Dave Hamilton & John F. Braun.

Mac Geek Gab

Dave Hamilton and John F. Braun come together weekly to answer your question and discuss things of interest to Apple and Mac geeks, yet present them in a way that's both entertaining and informative for the average listener.

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TDO 2017-01-05: Pepcom CES 2017 Highlights 12:48 PM Jan. 5th, 2017

Today on TDO: 5G networks flaws/rollout, and an Apple v Qualcomm (software) update. Charlotte Henry, Andrew Orr, and host Kelly Guimont.

Podcast Archives

  1. Jan. 5th, 2017
    The Mac Observer's Daily Observations Podcast
    CES 2017 Wireless Charging, Sober Sensors, and More – TMO Daily Observations 2017-01-05

    Pepcom at CES 2017 was packed with cool tech gear, so Dave Hamilton, Bryan Chaffin, and John F. Braun join Jeff Gamet look at some of the products they liked. There's an Apple Watch band that knows if you're drunk, ubiquitous wireless charging, and more.

  2. Jan. 4th, 2017
    Apple Context Machine Podcast
    Lounging at CES 2017 with Bryan and Jeff – ACM 392

    LAS VEGAS - Join Bryan and Jeff as they lounge at CES 2017. On deck for this week's episode are Q.RAD, the super computer that heats your home, smart clothes (for Android only?), and Eugene, the smart trash can thingy.

  3. Jan. 4th, 2017
    The Mac Observer's Daily Observations Podcast
    CES 2017 Smart Remotes, Mesh Networks, and More – TMO Daily Observations 2017-01-04

    CES 2017's Unveiled event was last night and we saw loads of interesting new products. Dave Hamilton, Bryan Chaffin, and John F. Braun join Jeff Gamet share some of the cool tech gear they found ranging from smart remotes for home entertainment systems to new wireless mesh network basestations.

  4. Jan. 3rd, 2017
    Background Mode Podcast
    TMO Background Mode: Interview with EdTech Specialist Phil Shapiro

    Phil Shapiro is an EdTech specialist, a strong supporter of public libraries, children's education, and the technology of learning. Currently he's the "public geek" at the Tacoma Park, Maryland public library. The child of a UNICEF employee, Phil originally thought that the law might be a good tool to achieve social change, but not so much as he reached adulthood. Having finished law school, he turned his attention to his real passion, journalism and education as a better means of social change. A chance magazine article inspired him to pursue the synthesis of modern computer technology and learning. That evolved into a life-long career in the development of software for education, teaching teachers about tech, support of school Macs for students and the Virginia MUG. If you're into EdTech, this is a must episode.

  5. Jan. 3rd, 2017
    The Mac Observer's Daily Observations Podcast
    CES 2017 Expectations and Predictions- TMO Daily Observations 2017-01-03

    CES 2017 is kicking off, so today Kelly Guimont joins Jeff Gamet talk about what they expect to be the big product categories at this year's events. Be sure to follow along all week for The Mac Observer's on-location coverage.

  6. Jan. 1st, 2017
    Mac Geek Gab Podcast
    Happy New Year from Your Two Favorite Geeks – Mac Geek Gab 638

    Need to use Mini DisplayPort monitor with your USB-C Mac? Need to make screen recordings? Need a Dropbox replacement? Your two favorite geeks have you covered with these questions and others. Cool Stuff Found segment includes a way to control your reboot sounds, your clipboard, and your unwanted robocalls. Plus, another AirPods alternative. Download and enjoy!

  7. Dec. 30th, 2016
    The Mac Observer's Daily Observations Podcast
    Apple’s Unused Patent Lawsuit, Twitter Features We Want – TMO Daily Observations 2016-12-30

    Apple has a patent for blocking iPhone features while driving, but isn't using it. Dave Hamilton and Bryan Chaffin join Jeff Gamet look at how that landed Apple in a lawsuit related to a tragic car wreck, plus they share their most wanted Twitter feature.

  8. Dec. 29th, 2016
    The Mac Observer's Daily Observations Podcast
    5.8-inch iPhones, Apple’s Original Crew – TMO Daily Observations 2016-12-29

    We're seeing more reports about a new iPhone screen size for 2017, so Bryan Chaffin and Mac Geek Gab's John F. Braun join Jeff Gamet weigh in on what may be coming next year. They also look back on Apple's first ten employees, and note the update of death for Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 smartphone-of-fire.

  9. Dec. 28th, 2016
    Apple Context Machine Podcast
    Bryan Gets Paranoid About the IoT – ACM 391

    Bryan is totally paranoid about the Internet of Things, and he isn't at all happy about the idea of having an Amazon Echo or Google Home listening in on everything in his house. Jeff laughs at him. Once the guffaws die down, they talk about how and why Apple is getting crushed by these good enough devices.

  10. Dec. 28th, 2016
    The Mac Observer's Daily Observations Podcast
    Amazon Echo, Police, and Privacy – TMO Daily Observations 2016-12-28

    With police getting search warrants for Amazon Echo recordings questions about personal privacy are on the rise. Dave Hamilton and Kelly Guimont join Jeff Gamet to look at what Amazon's Echo hears and records, what our other smarthome devices may be logging, and what that means for our privacy and police investigations.

  11. Dec. 27th, 2016
    The Mac Observer's Daily Observations Podcast
    Apple’s AirTunes Trademark, AI White Paper – TMO Daily Observations 2016-12-27

    Apple is reviving its AirTunes trademark, which has some thinking there's a new product in the works. Bryan Chaffin and Dave Hamilton join Jeff Gamet to share what they think is in store for the AirTunes name, plus they look at Apple's first artificial intelligence white paper.

  12. Dec. 27th, 2016
    Background Mode Podcast
    TMO Background Mode: Interview with the Editor of IPWatchdog Gene Quinn

    Gene Quinn is a patent attorney and founder of Today he lectures, writes and helps aspiring patent attorneys and patent agents prepare themselves to pass the patent bar exam. In college, however, Gene's interest was engineering. An important meeting with a Rutgers professor changed his life, and he graduated with a E.E. degree. Later, with new interests and confidence, he moved into the law. Gene goes into considerable detail about his career progression, having plans, and keeping options open. His first job after his law degree was in litigation, but soon his engineering experience led him into patent law. This is a powerful story about turning your skills and passion into a career when confronted with challenges. Plus, we talk about PCs in law, his current love for Macs and his experiment with the notorious Zune.

  13. Dec. 25th, 2016
    Mac Geek Gab Podcast
    Christmas Morning with Your Two Favorite Geeks – Mac Geek Gab 637

    Everyone got AirPods except you? No worries, Dave and John have you covered with some AirPods alternatives. Otherwise it's listener questions dominate the show, as usual, with topics ranging from where to store your iTunes Media, network topology, replacements for Dropbox's missing Public folder and much more. Download today and enjoy!

  14. Dec. 23rd, 2016
    The Mac Observer's Daily Observations Podcast
    Uber Location Privacy, AirPods Followup – TMO Daily Observations 2016-12-23

    Uber is in the spotlight again over privacy concerns. Bryan Chaffin and the Maccast's Adam Christianson join Jeff Gamet to look at how Uber is collecting location data and how we can block that, plus Adam shares his AirPods experience.

  15. Dec. 22nd, 2016
    Apple Context Machine Podcast
    Congressional Encryption Working Group Backs Encryption, Thoughts on CES – ACM 390

    The Congressional Encryption Working Group has issued a year-end report on encryption that finds weakening encryption would harm the national security interests of the United States. Bryan and Jeff discuss the implications, as well as a new request from the Turkish government asking Apple to unlock an iPhone 4s owned by an assassin. They cap the show with a preview of CES expectations.

  16. Dec. 22nd, 2016
    The Mac Observer's Daily Observations Podcast
    Spam Call Blockers, USB-C iPhone – TMO Daily Observations 2016-12-22

    AT&T is getting in on spam call blocking, so Dave Hamilton and Bryan Chaffin join Jeff Gamet to look at how their system works and talk about other spam call blockers, too. They also discuss why replacing the Lightning connector on the iPhone with USB-C might not be a bad thing.

  17. Dec. 21st, 2016
    The Mac Observer's Daily Observations Podcast
    Apple’s Mixed Mac Message, Favorite Holiday Movies – TMO Daily Observations 2016-12-21

    Apple seems to be sending mixed messages about its commitment to the Mac platform. John Martellaro and Kelly Guimont join Jeff Gamet to discuss where the Mac is today and what may be in store for it over the next couple years. They also share some of their favorite holiday movies.

  18. Dec. 20th, 2016
    The Mac Observer's Daily Observations Podcast
    AirPods Review with Michael Johnston – TMO Daily Observations 2016-12-20

    Michael Johnston from The iOS Show joins Jeff Gamet to review Apple's just released AirPods wireless earpods. They dive into the setup, performance, sound quality, fit, and more to help you decide if they're worth the $159 price tag.

  19. Dec. 19th, 2016
    Background Mode Podcast
    TMO Background Mode: Interview with Scrivener Creator Keith Blount

    Keith Blount is the founder of the renowned writing app Scrivener. It's designed for long-form text such as a thesis or novel. Think of it as a 3-ring binder and corkboard for the author. But Keith didn't start life as a programmer. In college he studied history and literature. Later he became a school teacher. Interested in writing, however, he discovered that standard word processors didn't have the facility he wanted for stitching together non-linear work. So he spent six months of evenings teaching himself Objective-C and Xcode. The first major release of Scrivener in 2007 was a huge hit. Today, Scrivener has sold over 500,000 copies and is available for Mac, Windows and iOS. Have you wondered how he named his company? You'll just have to tune in!

  20. Dec. 19th, 2016
    The Mac Observer's Daily Observations Podcast
    AirPods Alternatives, Plastic OLED – TMO Daily Observations 2016-12-19

    Apple's AirPods are in the company's retail stores, but that doesn't mean you can buy them. Bryan Chaffin and Dave Hamilton join Jeff Gamet to look at the limited availability for AirPods, and offer up some alternative wireless earbud options. They also look at Plastic OLED and explain what that means for future iPhone models.