'Total War: ROME REMASTERED' Releases Patch 2.0.4 for Gamers

Feral Interactive announced that patch 2.0.4 for Total War: ROME REMASTERED is now available on Steam for Windows, macOS and Linux. Patch 2.0.4 brings greatly expanded modding abilities to ROME REMASTERED, including the removal of limits to the number of possible cultures, building types and factions. In addition to these modding changes there are a number of interface improvements, tweaks to AI, sound and more. The full patch notes are available at the link below.

NordPass Password Manager Adds Biometric Authentication for Mac

NordPass is introducing biometric authentication to Windows and macOS applications. This new feature, which previously was available on mobile devices only, will add flexibility and convenience to the login process. Instead of typing in their master password, users will be able to use their fingerprint or face ID to sign in. According to a report published by NordPass, the most common password is 123456. and relying more on biometrics would help eliminate such weak passwords. But many cybersecurity professionals note that biometric authentication on its own is not enough. The best way to ensure maximum security for your accounts is to use it along with multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Telegram Adds DRM Lock for Content in Latest Update

Encrypted chat app Telegram has been updated with new features, including DRM for certain content.

With this update, we’re helping creators protect the content they publish on Telegram and ensure that it is available only for their intended audience.

Group and Channel owners who want to keep their content members-only can restrict message forwarding from their chat, which also prevents screenshots and limits the ability to save media from posts.

'Scanner Pro' Update Brings AI-Powered Smart Categories for Organization

Now Scanner Pro automatically sorts & organizes your scans by categories. It’s tiring and time-consuming to manually organize the hundreds of scanned documents in Scanner Pro into folders and carefully name them so they’re easier to find. Thanks to Smart Categories, you’ll need less time to find the scan you’re looking for, without the need to manually organize all your files. Just search through bills, invoices, magazines, and so on.

Update for Menu Bar Organizer 'Bartender' Supports MacBook Pro Notch

Bartender 4.1.12 has been released as a test build and it adds support for the notch on the 2021 MacBook Pro. “If you are using a MacBook Pro Notch, I recommend you use the Bartender Bar, as this removes the limit of the notch on the number of menu bar items you can have, you could also use Small menu bar item spacing to gain more room. You can update to the latest Test Build by clicking the button below, or from Bartender Prefercnes > Advanced, Check to Update your Test Builds then click the Check for Updates button.”

'NordPass' Update Brings Improved Autofill for Passwords

The latest NordPass update introduces improvements to one of its key features — autofill. Its form-detecting algorithm recently became more efficient. Before the update, developers had to manually improve the form-detecting algorithm. Now, it is based on machine learning technology.

The part of the autofill algorithm responsible for detecting the type of form now operates with vastly improved performance compared to its previous static iteration. The algorithm is now trained using artificial neural networks to be as accurate as possible. According to NordPass developers, the current accuracy of the algorithm is 99.6%.

'Grammarly' for iOS Adds Editor and Safari Extension

The Grammarly app was recently updated to bring the editor to iPhone and iPad. Here are the new additions: Provides comprehensive writing feedback on long-form documents, along with personal statistics and milestones to help people improve along the way. Grammarly Editor is also compatible with hardware keyboards.  Grammarly’s Safari extension: Brings the best of Grammarly to any mobile web application. Grammarly Keyboard: Access Grammarly’s leading writing suggestions in any mobile application.

Mozilla New Home Page and Other Features for Firefox Mobile

Mozilla updated its Firefox browser for Android and iOS, bringing a new home page, recent searches grouped by topic, and other features.

Based on user feedback we designed the new Firefox homepage and organized it in a way that helps you jump right back into what you care more about, saving you time and headspace, and removing the visual clutter that can often leave us feeling overwhelmed.

Private Messenger 'Signal' Adds Anti-Spam Features in Update

Signal recently announced some new features designed to help reduce spam on the platform, such as a Report Spam and Block button.

When a user clicks “Report Spam and Block”, their device sends only the phone number that initiated the conversation and a one-time anonymous message ID to the server. When accounts are repeatedly reported as spam or network traffic appears to be automated, we can issue “proof of humanity” checks to suspicious senders so they can’t send more messages until they’ve completed a challenge.

'Notability' Becomes Freemium App With Optional Subscription in 11.0 Update

Ginger Labs announced on Monday that its note-taking app Notability is now free and a subscription unlocks the full features. The plan will cost US$14.99/year but users can get it for US$11.99 for a limited time. Previous Notability customers can continue using the app without interruption until November 1, 2022. Another feature: “With the release of Notability 11.0, for the first time ever users can publish notes publicly to the Notability Gallery and enjoy the creativity of the community. Gallery opens up unlimited possibilities for learning and sharing on the app—users can search for ideas on any topic and find inspiration from over 15 million Notability note takers across the globe.”

Cryptee Update Brings Encrypted PDFs and Print-Accurate Editing

An update to Cryptee, a platform for encrypted photos and documents, brings Paper Mode, a print-accurate view for your documents. It also adds editing for encrypted PDFs.

You can now work on your documents in Cryptee Docs, using a print-accurate paper view, by choosing paper sizes like A4 / A3 / US Letter / US Legal etc, just like the way you would in Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

While exporting your documents as PDF files, you can now easily set a key, and encrypt the PDFs. These encrypted PDFs can be opened using any PDF viewer, on all operating systems and PDF viewer apps.

AdGuard for Mac Supports M1, macOS Monterey, adds DNS Filtering

AdGuard for Mac has a new update, and it brings DNS filtering, support for Apple Silicon, and compatibility with macOS Monterey. “From now you needn’t rely on a DNS server provided by your ISP by default, you have the luxury of making choices — cherry-pick DNS servers from known DNS providers or even add custom DNS servers. You can also add domains to DNS blocklist or allowlist and add complicated rules using DNS rules syntax.”

The New York Times Invites Beta Testers for its Audio App

The New York Times is building an app for audio journalism and it’s inviting beta testers to try it out.

“New York Times Audio” will provide an accessible and authoritative way to understand the world, pulling from Times podcasts, Times articles, premier magazine publishers like New York magazine and Rolling Stone, new audio formats from The Times newsroom and more. The product will also feature the archive of “This American Life,” encompassing 25 years worth of episodes from the iconic show that pioneered a new form of audio narrative journalism.

Sneak Peek of Features Coming With Cryptomator 1.6.0 Update

Although we don’t have a definite release date, the developers of Cryptomator shared some features users will see in the upcoming 1.6.0 update.

A feature already wished in its earliest days will be present: Auto Lock – the automatic locking of a vault. For every vault you can set up an idle timer after which the vault is automatically locked. If any write or read happens during the time span, the timer is reset.

'GRID Autosport' Gets More Game Controls in New Update

Feral Interactive has released a new update for GRID Autosport on iOS and Android, with a focus on further refining the game’s control options. Leading the pack is Arrow Touch Pro – a much-requested alternative layout for Arrow Touch steering that enables the use of manual acceleration. Following close behind is the brand new, fully-customisable Throttle Slider, allowing players to set their acceleration with pinpoint precision. This patch also adds full support for the latest DualSense and Xbox Series X|S wireless controllers, as well as language support for Traditional Chinese.

Coinbase Adds Option for Two-Factor Authentication Security Keys

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced an important update to its mobile app. Users can now secure their accounts with a two-factor authentication security key.

Hardware security keys are encrypted USB devices that you can register with your Coinbase account as a strong form of physical 2FA. Once registered, you’ll be prompted for your security key when logging in. You then plug in the key, or tap via near field communication (NFC), to your mobile device to securely access your account.