Oprah Reveals Prince Harry Mental Health Apple TV+ Series to Air in May

We may finally be getting close to seeing Prince Harry and Oprah’s long-awaited Apple TV+ series on mental health. The talk show queen revealed that it is coming this month during a recent TV appearance, reported The Independent. 

Winfrey confirmed the release during a recent appearance opposite psychiatrist Dr Bruce D Perry on The Drew Barrymore Show.  “I want to just say that Dr Perry and I have also, for the past two years, along with Prince Harry and Apple, we’ve been working on this mental health series that’s coming out in May on Apple,” she said. The announcement of the duo’s partnership was initially made in April 2019 via a post shared to the official Instagram account for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

'Physical' Coming to Apple TV+ on June 18

Physical will arrive on Apple TV+ on June 18. The date was announced and a new trailer released on Tuesday. The show tells the story of Sheila Rubin (Rose Byrne), a quietly tormented housewife in San Diego in the 1980s. Things change in her battle with extreme personal demons and a vicious inner voice when she discovers aerobics. Rory Scovel, Dierdre Friel, Della Saba, Lou Taylor Pucci, Paul Sparks, and Ashley Liao in the series, for which Annie Weisman served as showrunner.