Meditation App ‘Headspace’ Offers Free Year of Premium Content

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Headspace is offering Americans a free year of premium access of the full library of guided meditations and courses.

“The current state of unemployment in the US has become an alarming crisis,” the company website said. “To help those affected, we’re offering a full year of Headspace Plus for free. Discover meditation and mindfulness tools to help you feel less stressed, more resilient, and kinder to yourself.”

Nice move. Self-care is important.

Totallee Launches Blue Light Filtering Glasses for $45

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Mobile accessory maker totallee just launched a new product: Blue light filtering glasses. It works in a similar manner as the iPhone’s Night Mode, except it isn’t limited to one product. Blue light filtering glasses block the blue light emitted by phones, computers, and tablets. Some studies suggest that blue light has an adverse affect on health, causing eye strain and affecting our sleep due to melatonin suppression. Totallee’s glasses are available in black and clear. You can preorder them today for US$45 and they start shipping on May 22, 2020.

Totallee Launches Blue Light Filtering Glasses for $45

The Inside Story of How Apple and Google Worked on Contact Tracing

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CNBC has a report today on how a small team at Apple started developing ideas on how to help with the pandemic. It was codenamed Project Bubble.

In mid-March, with Covid-19 spreading to almost every country in the world, a small team at Apple started brainstorming how they could help […] Within a few weeks, the Apple project — code-named “Bubble” — had dozens of employees working on it with executive-level support from two sponsors: Craig Federighi, a senior vice president of software engineering, and Jeff Williams, the company’s chief operating officer and de-facto head of healthcare.

It’s a fascinating read.

UK Government Memo Discussed De-Anonymizing Contact Tracing App Users

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On today’s episode of Daily Observations, we explained what contact tracing is. Now that I understand the technology, I’m okay with it at this early stage. But of course there are still privacy implications, this being one of them. The UK is planning to build an app that works with contact tracing, but a leaked memo shows a discussion about de-anonymizing users.

However, the memo stated that “more controversially” the app could use device IDs, which are unique to all smartphones, “to enable de-anonymisation if ministers judge that to be proportionate at some stage”. It did not say why ministers might want to identify app users, or under what circumstances doing so would be proportionate.

After CDC Report Apple Removes 181 Vaping Apps

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A recent report from the CDC showed that 42 people have died from vaping-related lung illnesses. Now, Apple has removed all 181 vaping apps.