Worried about HomePod Leaving a Ring? Pad & Quill Has a Coaster for That

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Are you worried about HomePod leaving a ring on your table? Pad & Quill has a HomePod coaster for that. Talk about a timely product: complaints about HomePod leaving rings have arisen in the last couple of days. If that’s a serious concern for you, the Leather Coaster for HomePod may be just what you’re looking for. I am, in general, a huge fan of Pad & Quill’s products. They do leather and stitching right. This Coaster is made from full-grain leather with Marine Grade stitching. The bottom is an “ultra-soft leather backing because the only rings you should see in your home this season are of the Olympic variety on TV.” Timely, indeed. It’s $19.95, comes in Whiskey (lighter) and Chestnut (darker), and ships in 3-5 days.

Worried about HomePod Leaving a Ring? Pad & Quill Has a Coaster for That

Network Speeds, HomePod, Vectors, and Dead Drives – Mac Geek Gab Podcast 696

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It’s always something, isn’t it? The more computers – and devices – we have, the more issues there are. This week, that’s no different, as there are several network-related questions your two favorite geeks tackle “on-air” for you to hear. HomePod arrived, and first experiences with that are discussed. Finally, some Cool Stuff Found to help round out the episode.

Here's How to Check for HomePod Software Updates

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Home app Location button gets to HomePod software update

HomePod will do its best to keep its software up to date, much like Apple TV. If you want to make sure your smart speaker really is running the latest and greatest update you can do that, too, but it isn’t exactly intuitive. Read on to learn how.

John Kheit's HomePod Unboxing Video

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John Kheit put together a HomePod unboxing video for me. It includes not only the unwrapping and unboxing, and his set up process, too. It stops shy of him foaming at the mouth about how much he doesn’t like the sound, but we’ll get to that next Wednesday on Pop.0. Until then, check out the unboxing experience with HomePod!