iPhone 13: How Much Smaller is the Notch?

Lots of people were on notch-watch as the iPhone 13 was unveiled on Tuesday. MacWorld has the details on how much smaller it is compared to that on previous models.

The notch has been reduced by 20 percent in width…The iPhone 13’s notch is indeed narrower than the iPhone 12 thanks to the placement of the speaker, which has moved to the top of the phone. However, the notch is still very present and very noticeable and actually looks a bit taller than the iPhone 12’s notch. It likely won’t make too much of a difference compared to the iPhone 12 when viewing full-screen photos and videos.

Nomad Updates Base Station Mini Charger With MagSafe

Nomad has updated its Base Station Mini wireless charger with a Magnetic Alignment attachment for MagSafe. It combines a sleek, modern design with a high-power 15W Qi coil to wirelessly charge any of your Qi devices. With magnets built into its padded leather charging surface, alignment for all of your MagSafe-enabled devices is intuitive and easy. Features: Magnetic padded leather surface; up to 15W wireless power; USB-C power input; ambient light sensor dims LED’s at night