Notability Launches Feel Good Journal for Mental Health Month

May is Mental Health Month, and writing app Notability released a Feel Good Journal in the Notability Shop. It’s free to all users, providing zen doodling, self-care bingo, habit tracking, journal prompts, intention setting, and coloring. It includes motivating trackers, calming exercises, and grounding reminders to help you feel your best. Features include: Trackers: Set goals for the year, find daily gratitudes, acknowledge yourself, start new healthy habits, and even track the songs that add a skip in your step; Activities: Including coloring and completing a maze; Reminders: The journal also includes inspiring quotes to keep you motivated, and doodle and note pages so you can keep track — in your own way— of what made you feel good that day.

How to Move Notes Between Accounts

If you’ve got notes synced through several different accounts (such as through both iCloud and Google), then you might want to organize everything and move it all into one account instead. In today’s Quick Tip, Melissa Holt’s going to tell us how to get messy notes all cleaned up!

Data Forensics Company Recovers Notes Data Apple Claims is Deleted

Files deleted from Apple’s Notes app shouldn’t be recoverable after 30 days, but the security and data forensics company Elcomsoft found they could access records that were deleted months—or even more than a year—ago. That sounds pretty bad, but recovering those files requires some pretty specific elements, including knowing your iCloud login and password.