Apple PRODUCT(RED)Proceeds Going to COVID-19 Relief Throughout 2021

Apple is to continue donating 100 percent of proceeds from its PRODUCT(RED) to COVID-19 relief until December 30, 2021. The decision was outlined in an announcement on its website, spotted by 9to5 Mac.

Last year, Apple extended this COVID-19 relief effort until June 30, 2021. As vaccines are slowly rolling out across the globe and new variants of the disease have been discovered, this fund is more important than ever. Apple updated its PRODUCT (RED) page in the US and around the world to note that all donations from sales of its PRODUCT(RED) lineup that normally go to helping fight HIV/AIDS will be temporarily redirected to pandemic relief (which will actually help keep HIV/AIDS programs alive). In April of 2020, Apple and (RED) starting giving a portion of eligible proceeds to the Global Fund for COVID-19 relief but now it’s being bumped to 100% for about six months.

Make Your Old iPhone Red with SlickWraps

Apple’s (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus has been received a warm welcome. Your mileage may vary, but I’ve personally had even Android zealots express an interest in the RED iPhone to me. And I love the (PRODUCT)RED charity, but not everyone can get a new iPhone at any given moment, which is why a SlickWraps promotional email grabbed my attention. That company has red wraps for iPhones for those who want a red iPhone, but can’t get a RED iPhone. To be fair, they have a wide variety of colors, but red is the color du jour, and it’s $22.95.

Here's How to get a Black Display (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 7

Apple’s brand new (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 7 sports a cool looking red body with a white display bezel—no black bezel option is available, which we think is a crying shame. To drive that point home, JerryRigEverything tore apart a red iPhone 7 and gave it a black display. It looks great and it’s a DIY project JRE details in a video. In this case, DIY assumes you have a black iPhone 7 sitting around, all the right tools, and aren’t afraid to accidentally destroy two iPhones. Still, seeing a working black bezel red iPhone is pretty awesome.