T2-Chip Video Encoding, Mac Mini Ram, 10Gb Ethernet with Jim Tanous - ACM 487

· Bryan Chaffin · Apple Context Machine Podcast

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Bryan Chaffin is joined by Jim Tanous to talk about his recent testing of T2 video encoding on some new Macs. They also talk about how easy it is or isn’t to upgrade Apple’s newest Mac Mini models. They cap the show with the news that you you should probably be thinking ahead to outfitting your house with some 10Gb ethernet.

2018 Mac mini has User Upgradable RAM

· Jeff Gamet · Quick Tip

2018 Mac mini with RAM slots users can access

Apple’s 2018 Mac mini has RAM slots users can access, so you can install memory upgrades after you buy your computer.

Surprise! The iMac Pro has Upgradable RAM and SSD

· Jeff Gamet · News

iMac Pro teardown from OWC

Apple’s iMac Pro has been available for only a few hours and OWC has already cracked one open to see what’s inside. What they found was surprisingly upgradable despite the computer’s sealed body.

The New 2017 iMac: Notes & Tidbits on RAM

· Jim Tanous · News

We broke down Apple’s perplexing iMac RAM upgrade situation, with added thoughts on the upcoming iMac Pro’s ECC memory.