iOS: How to Find Your iPhone with Your AirPods

Apple AirPods coming out of case

If you own an Apple Watch, then you probably know that you can use it to ping your iPhone if you can’t find it in your house. And of course, the Find My iPhone app (or the associated feature on is also a great way to locate a missing or stolen device.

However, you may not know that if you own a set of AirPods, Apple’s bluetooth headphones, then you can ask Siri to find your phone for you, assuming you have one of the AirPods configured to invoke the voice assistant. All you have to do for this is double-tap whichever AirPod Siri is set to, and when it beeps to indicate it’s listening, ask it where your iPhone is.

Pinging iPhone

If your iPhone is successfully found, it’ll start making a pinging noise even if it’s muted, which is a quick way to locate your phone when you drop it between your couch cushions or what have you. And you can also use this to find your other iCloud devices, just so you know (like your Mac), but I…uh…I assume that you lose your Mac in your house less often than something small like your iPhone. True story: Places I have accidentally left my iPhone include my refrigerator and underneath my bed. In the latter case, I’m assuming I kicked it under there. At least, that’s the least discomfiting explanation among the possibilities.

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  • That is pretty cool! Usually I have my iPhone with me, but the range of the AirPods is pretty far so in the house I sometimess have my iPhone on a desk or someplace.

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