iPad: Open Recently Closed Safari Tabs

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Do you use tabbed browsing on the iPad? If you don't, you should, and it's easy! Just touch the plus button underneath the iPad's search field to open a new tab, and then you can browse to a different webpage without having to navigate away from your original one.

Another great way to use iPad tabs is to press and hold a link on a page (rather than just tapping it to open it). That'll give you a contextual menu, from which you can pick Open in New Tab.

As you can see, that menu has some other cool choices. I like using Add to Reading List from here sometimes, too.

But what if you close a tab (or a whole bunch of them), and you didn't mean to? Instead of going back through your history to try to find what you've lost, you can just press and hold on that same plus button I mentioned above, and it'll show you your recently closed tabs.

Pick one to reopen, and you're back in business! If what you're doing on your iPad is business, that is.

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Lee Dronick

You did it again! I thought that I was a power user, but you schooled me.


On the Mac I often inadvertently close tabs, but I know that cmd-z (Edit-Undo) will save my bacon.

But just the other day I was wailing and gnashing my teeth because I closed a tab on the iPad of a receipt that failed to print! Where were you then Melissa Holt? smile


I always enjoy your tips Melissa (ooh err Madam!) but this one was especially tasty…

Something I often seem to need doing and never knew how before!

Melissa Holt

Thanks for the comments, you guys and/or gals! I’m very happy to know that one of my little tips helped you. :D

And ctopher, I was right here all along! If my computer could talk, it’d say that I should probably get out more.


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