How My Body Works App Is a Great Educational Tool

DeAgostini has created a 3D app, How My Body Works, that can function as an excellent tool for teaching kids the basic elements of just how their body works.


As I started looking at this app, I was reminded of a very old joke about the eight year old boy who came home from school one day and asked his mother where he came from. Mom wasn’t expecting that question at quite such a young age, but she sat him down and carefully explained how everything worked. When she finished she asked if he understood. He replied that he guessed so, but it sure sounded complicated because his friend Bobby said he came from Chicago.

This app, released September 6, is free, but to use it, you must do in-app purchases of the different aspects of the human body. First you select male or female body. Then you can purchase all eight of the body systems for male or female for US$9.99 or you can purchase each one for $1.99. Anyone needing both male and female bodies will pay for each body.

Using the product

The first thing to note is this is a large application, 212 MB, so be sure you have room for it. It is really amazing, and I have to admit that I wish I had had access to something like this when I took biology in high school.

The figures are in 3D and the user achieves that by swiping to turn the body.


Example of 3D capabilities

There is a depth to each subject. For instance, if you want to view the entire blood and bone structure of the body, you can start with the basic body as illustrated in this first image and then take advantage of the slider shown in the second image and move it up or down to see deeper and deeper levels of vessels and bones.


Example of using the slider

When you move into the individual systems the depth of information continues. As an example the following images are from the Sensory System.

Sensory system example

Sensory system example

Sensory system example

Sensory system example

The app includes text that will be of use to either adults or older students as well as a game that will be of interest to younger children.

The best way to get a real idea of the scope of this app would be to download the free app and purchase one of the system sections. I tested it using an iPad 3rd generation, and I recommend that an iPad be your tool of choice to take advantage of all the app has to offer.


  • Language: English only
  • Requirements: iOS 5.0 or later
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
  • Designed for Ages: 6 − 12 years

Do I recommend it?

I do. This is a well crafted app that is an excellent teaching tool for parents, teachers and older students. Just make sure you have ample space to store it.

Product: How My Body Works

Company: DeAgostini

List Price: Free



Excellent aid for teachers and parents to help teach body functions to children, primarily between the ages of six and twelve.


This app costs more than many apps and some may not like that, but it is an intensive and well designed app.