At what price did you buy AAPL?

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    Posted: 18 September 2001 08:02 AM

    Quick Poll:  At what price did you buy AAPL stock?  When was this? 

    Anyone thinking of selling?


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  • Posted: 27 July 2001 12:09 AM #1

    I have some which I bought over a year ago at $22. Recently I also brought a bunch more at $23, just before announcing their latest results. Would I sell. Definetly, but probably only to get back in at a lower price.

  • Posted: 27 July 2001 03:41 PM #2

    $26, right before they tanked. My “broker” really knows his stuff. “What you need to do is buy now before it sinks to $14 a share next month.” These are the geniuses who finance the free world.


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  • Posted: 09 August 2001 12:08 AM #3

    I’m looking to invest in stock for the first time. Since I’ve followed Apple’s for several years I figure I’d start with them. Does anybody expect the typical pre-expo run up prior to Seybold and Apple Expo Paris? The market appears soft towards tech so I really don’t want to get stuck for a great long term - just a quick turn around this time.

  • Posted: 09 August 2001 12:47 AM #4

    40 shares at $40.06 Dec 1999; 105 shares at 20.12 Oct 2000; 65 shares at 14.75 Dec 2000. Average price/share = $26.80 and I expect someday to see the stock at that level again and higher.

    I plan to hold these for the long term and will probably add to my position from time to time. I don’t have a lot of time to study the market and I don’t trust the analysts. Seems somedays the market is totally emotion driven. I think Alan Greenspan deserves a lot of the blame for high tech’s lousy condition today… and that about sums up all I have to say about the stock market  

  • Posted: 09 August 2001 01:07 PM #5

    I was given 20 in 1981 they cost about $11, how many current shares are they worth?

    Despite very poor shareholder communications I bought 650 @ $20.50 earlier this year. I will sell when I can realize a profit.

    Does anyone else suffer from poor communications with Apple?

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    Posted: 09 August 2001 08:22 PM #6

    I think everyone suffers from poor communications with Apple. 

    That said, the last analyst meeting was pretty good.  Wes George has been doing a good series on that meeting at WorkingMac .

    As for your shares from 1981, I think Apple has only had two stock splits since then.  I didn’t research that, so hopefully someone else can confirm or correct that.


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    Favorite (but less relevant than it used to be) Quote: Microsoft’s tyranny lies not in its success, but in the way it achieved and maintains that success.

  • Posted: 13 August 2001 11:34 AM #7

    On 2001-07-27 18:41, Sarcasticus wrote:
    $26, right before they tanked.

    Moi aussi!  1000 shares….

    Despite the ensuing carnage, I stand by it:  it was a good price for a sound investment when I bought it, and it remains so IMO.  The fact that I could have made the same investment a week later for half the price I paid is just the breaks of the game.

    I have no plans to bail.  Call me a dizzy optimist if you must, but as far as I can tell, the upside on Apple remains intact:

      - OS X, despite the rough rollout & hysterically negative reaction in certain quarters, remains poised to drive Apple’s fortunes to historic highs;

      - Microsoft is more vulnerable now than ever before, facing as they do ongoing government scrutiny, ever-increasing dissatisfaction within their user base & hostility from the press, and growing alarm over their future plans

    I expect this next year to be a battle-royal between Apple & Microsoft - or, if you prefer, between Jobs and Gates.  Each company is gambling its future success (and in Apple’s case, perhaps its very survival) on this fall’s OS releases.  OS X is Apple’s last, best hope of redrawing the market-share map;  Jobs has quite rightly remained focussed on preparing X to survive a streetfight versus the Windows 2k/NT/ME/XP/#? posse (I sincerely hope he has ignored 99.9% of the armchair quarterbacking that has flooded the bitstream since 3/24).

    Ever since returning to the helm, Jobs has been preparing for this confrontation.  Like Napoleon in exile, I daresay he’s been focussed on this convergent moment ever since Scully dropped the legal ball over look-&-feel, allowing Windows to take the field unopposed.  The innovations and initiatives that have come out of Cupertino have galvanised the industry:  Once again, all the smart folks are watching Apple;  Microsoft, on the other hand, has been reacting to Apple’s various initiatives in their time-honored fashion:  cobbling together copycat offerings designed to hijack Apple innovations and steal Apple’s thunder.

    David-&-Goliath analogies notwithstanding, there remains a crucial distinction between the companies and their strategies:  Apple is working from a long-term plan toward a long-term goal, with excellent success & growing ‘mind-share’;  microsoft simply & reflexively seeks to breathe up all the air, in the face of ever-increasing opposition.

    Add to this the weakness imposed by market saturation, the impediment posed by the lengthy anti-trust action, the increasing sophistication of the marketplace, the divergent commitments of Intel, and the dis-infatuation w/ MS that has become rampant in recent years, and you have a situation where anything can happen.

    Personally, I think Apple’s been juking Microsoft out of its collective socks (starting w/ iMac), and I expect it will continue to do so.  Accordingly, I expect OS X to be a much tougher competitor than WinXP is prepared for[1].  Even a modest showing, coupled w/ compelling products a la the recent ‘Books (and if tech-sector bloodletting has exhausted itself), could see AAPL back around 60 by Yule’02.

    Summary:  Me sell?  HAH!


    [1]  I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the OS X that greets WinXP was substantially more / better than all the screaming and howling has led us all to believe.  The advantage of catching MS flat-footed, unprepared for the competition it faces, would be ENORMOUS.  Since his return, Jobs has demonstrated not merely a new grasp of strategy & tactics, but also the ability to repeatedly take Redmond by surprise.

  • Posted: 30 August 2001 08:33 PM #8

    I bought my today at $17.83.

    Long haul, babeeee!


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  • Posted: 31 August 2001 10:05 PM #9

    I’ll be investing in AAPL within 6-8months, by then I should be able to dump my AWE shares that I got from AT&Ts; distro w/o getting slammed with taxes
    The other option I could do is invest more into Pixar (I got in very low last year at $32.50!)

  • Posted: 18 September 2001 08:02 AM #10

    I have about 4800 shares of aapl at an average price of somewhare around $25. I’ve incrementally taken positions and gotten out of them over the past 3-4 years, including selling a bunch at ~$125 (bought at $~65) pre-split.

    I think aapl is a good long term investment, especially as adbe releases Mac OS X native applications and aapl puts enough polish on Mac OS X itself. 10.1 is going to rock the place!

    I bought another 600 shares yesterday… you don’t see appl under $17 much anymore, and I think going back to the mid-20’s isn’t a far reach at all. If the Mac OS X platform is well accepted by the Mac community, then we may be in the 30’s before long, even w/o a G5 release in Jan. A dual 933 7450 would be quite competitive enough. Mac OS X will hopefully be palatable enough to outside the traditional Mac markets to finally start taking marketshare. We should see this going to next year’s MacWorld NY.