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Ubisoft Sues Apple Over ‘Rainbow Six: Siege’ Copyright

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Ubisoft is suing Apple and Google over a Chinese game it calls “a near carbon copy” of its game Rainbow Six: Siege.’

It says it has raised the issue with both Apple and Google, which both take a cut of sales on their respective app stores.

“But rather than take any measures to stop or curtail the infringement… Google and Apple instead decided that it would be more profitable to collect their revenue share from AF2 and continue their unlawful distribution,” Ubisoft says in its court filing.

Do they expect the App Store review team to be able to spot copyright  infringement related to a company that is definitely not their own company, Apple?

iPhone Hacking Company GrayKey Reinvents the Keylogger

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Enter your passcode

A report from NBCNews mentions a tool from GrayKey called Hide UI, and until now has been kept secret from the public.

But another tool, previously unknown to the public, doesn’t have to crack the code that people use to unlock their phones. It just has to log the code as the user types it in.

Software called Hide UI, created by Grayshift, a company that makes iPhone-cracking devices for law enforcement, can track a suspect’s passcode when it’s entered into a phone, according to two people in law enforcement, who asked not to be named out of fear of violating non-disclosure agreements.

This is called a keylogger, and it is neither new nor revolutionary. It would be cheaper for police to use pen and paper to write down a suspect’s passcode, although there is that pesky fifth amendment.

What Will The Next Ten Years of Apple Design Look Like?

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Graphic design studio With mac products

“The next decade of Apple design has nothing to do with its most popular product of all time (so far)” is a weird stance to take. Author Sophie Charara seems to only make two points in favor of her argument.

Lisa Jackson […] has said that Hankey and her colleagues “ask tough questions” on sustainability; critics are looking for substantive progress that will require Apple’s new design chiefs to adapt some core principles while maintaining their aesthetic standards.

One possible cultural challenger to the new Apple duo is Ivy Ross […] Ross is a proponent of softer colour palettes and warmer materials, as seen in Google’s Pixel and Home product lines, and believes that aesthetics are less about making devices look pretty than “enlivening your senses”.

Apple critics always looking for the next big thing are not and have never been a source of design inspiration. I wouldn’t look to Google for that either. The final sentence: “And we haven’t seen the end of Jony Ive’s contributions just yet: Tim Cook says that Apple will be one of LoveFrom’s primary clients.”

Scosche ‘MagicGrip’ Smartphone Mount Available to Purchase

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First introduced at CES 2019, the MagicGrip smartphone mount is a wireless charging mount for your vehicle or home. It can sense when a Qi-enabled phone is aligned with its charging coil and automatically closes its arms to hold your phone. It rotates 360° to view your screen at any angle. “Wireless charging is now fast as well as convenient. MagicGrip delivers up to 10W of charging power and supports Apple® (7.5W), Samsung® (9W), and Google® (10W) Fast Charge. It automatically adapts to deliver the fastest charge your phone can safely accept.” There are four mounting options, with the dash mount available for US$69.95.

Scosche ‘MagicGrip’ Smartphone Mount Available to Purchase

Facebook Bought Giphy. What Does That Mean for Privacy?

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Facebook logo

Facebook announced today that it’s acquiring Giphy for an alleged sum of US$400 million.

Facebook characterized the acquisition—reportedly worth $400 million—as a way to help its millions of users “better express themselves.” […] Facebook says it will not collect information specific to individual people using Giphy’s API, but it will get valuable data about usage patterns across the web.

I definitely don’t believe them when they say that won’t collect individual data. That is Facebook’s raison d’être. This is exactly like its usage of the Onavo VPN spyware: Collect data on how people use GIFs everywhere, especially on competitor’s platforms. Mark Zuckerberg is furiously trying to beat Snapchat into submission. They rejected him once and he’s been out for blood ever since. GIFs may sound like a stretch when it comes to data collection, but keep in mind that web beacons exist.

Spotify Web Player Supports Safari Again

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Spotify logo

In 2017 the Spotify web player removed support for Safari without telling customers why. But functionality has now been restored.

Meditation App ‘Headspace’ Offers Free Year of Premium Content

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Headspace logo

Headspace is offering Americans a free year of premium access of the full library of guided meditations and courses.

“The current state of unemployment in the US has become an alarming crisis,” the company website said. “To help those affected, we’re offering a full year of Headspace Plus for free. Discover meditation and mindfulness tools to help you feel less stressed, more resilient, and kinder to yourself.”

Nice move. Self-care is important.

Crusader Kings III Release Date on Macs Set for September 1

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Crusader kings 3

Paradox Development Studio announced the Crusader Kings III release date today. It comes to Mac, Linux, and Windows on September 1.

The new title focuses more on your ruling family’s personality, complete with character lifestyles and traits (acting against them can lead to stress or even breakdowns), earning Renown to boost your reputation and inducing Dread to keep people in line. Dynasties can split into individual houses, blackmail is an option, skilled fighters can become knights, and you can set Tenets and Doctrines for religions that deviate from the original.

Zerodium Pauses Purchases of iOS Exploits

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Image of locks to suggest security and encryption

Zerodium is temporarily suspending its purchasing of iOS exploits due to a high number of submissions, with the CEO saying ”iOS security is f**ked.”

Zerodium is an exploit acquisition platform that pays researchers for zero-day security vulnerabilities and then sells them to institutional customers like government organizations and law enforcement agencies. The company focuses on high-risk vulnerabilities, normally offering between $100,000 and $2 million per fully functional iOS exploit.

Mophie Launches 10,000mAh Powerstation Wireless XL Charger

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Mophie makes powerful, portable battery banks for mobile devices, and today launched a 10,000mAh powerstation wireless XL battery. The USB-C port gives you up to 18W of power to quickly charge your Apple devices, and it also supports wireless Qi charging so you can charge multiple device at once. The battery itself charges with an Apple Lightning cable and a Qi charging pad. “The mophie powerstation wireless XL provides the iPhone with up to 55 hours of extra use, and by using the USB-C port and wireless charging surface, two devices may be charged simultaneously for portable power whenever its needed most. With its fast-charge USB-C PD port that delivers up to 18W output, iPhone users can get up to a 50% battery charge in just 30 minutes.”

Mophie Launches 10,000mAh Powerstation Wireless XL Charger

Totallee Launches Blue Light Filtering Glasses for $45

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Mobile accessory maker totallee just launched a new product: Blue light filtering glasses. It works in a similar manner as the iPhone’s Night Mode, except it isn’t limited to one product. Blue light filtering glasses block the blue light emitted by phones, computers, and tablets. Some studies suggest that blue light has an adverse affect on health, causing eye strain and affecting our sleep due to melatonin suppression. Totallee’s glasses are available in black and clear. You can preorder them today for US$45 and they start shipping on May 22, 2020.

Totallee Launches Blue Light Filtering Glasses for $45