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Steve Wozniak: 'I Wish Apple Had Split up'

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Steve Wozniak Split Apple

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said he wished “split up a long time ago,” but it was stil “the best” of the big tech companies.

Facebook Announces New Political Advertiser Requirements

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Facebook logo

Facebook announced additional requirements for political advertisers Wednesday, The Verge reported. Those who want to run political ads will have to provide more information such as government-issued identification numbers.

Today’s changes mark an evolution in the political ad disclosure requirements that Facebook introduced last year. Beginning last spring, the company began to require anyone buying political advertising to verify their identity and location. Now they will have to go a step further, offering proof they’re part of the organization they say they represent. For commercial businesses, nonprofits, and nongovernmental organizations, that will mean providing a tax-registered organization identification number. Government and military advertisers will have to provide a web domain and email address that ends in .gov or .mil. Political action committees and parties will need to provide their Federal Election Commission identification numbers.

'Dickinson' to Headline Tribeca TV Festival

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Dickinson Trailer

Forthcoming Apple TV+ show Dickinson will headline the Tribeca TV Festival in September, Deadline reported. A trailer for the show landed Tuesday.

The premiere of Apple TV+’s fall comedy series Dickinson starring Hailee Steinfeld will headline the New York fest, which takes place September 12-15. The half-hour series will screen ahead of its September 14 TV premiere and will be followed by a discussion with Oscar-nominated actress Steinfeld, who plays the titular writer; Jane Krakowski; and series creator, showrunner and executive producer Alena Smith (The Affair, The Newsroom). Toby Huss, Anna Baryshnikov, Ella Hunt and Adrian Blake Enscoe also star. Dickinson isn’t a normal historical series with bonnets, corsets and proper ladies. The comedy subverts all of that as it audaciously explores the constraints of society, gender and family from the perspective of the rebellious young poet, Emily Dickinson. Set in the 19th century, Dickinson is a coming-of-age story that finds the author to be an unexpected hero for our millennial era.

Strava Wants to be Facebook for Runners

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Strava logo

Strava is a hugely popular activity monitoring app. Under the leadership of CEO James Quarles, it has grown significantly. He told Wired, he now wants to expand the app’s social network-like functionality.

The third, and possibly most important change, is deeply rooted in Quarles’ background with Facebook and Instagram. He has invested heavily in the social media elements of Strava. “We really made Strava about the photos and the social feed and the routes that people discover,” he says. “I think that’s had a huge role in increasing not just people coming to the app when they upload, but also when they want to download, meaning to look at what their friends are doing, to find great places and be inspired.” Quarles emphasises his drive to cultivate Strava’s athletic community. “I think that people have a more intense connection with their Strava usage on the community than they do with the brand that’s on their T-shirt or trainers,” he says. Strava users are always encouraging each other, providing, he adds, “that extra boost to come back and keep doing it.”

Mario Kart Tour Launching on iOS September 25

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Nintendo announced that Mario Kart Tour is arriving on iOs (and Android) on September 25 and that pre-registration is now available.

Instagram Testing New Messaging App Called Threads

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Instagram is testing a new messaging app as it looks to challenge Snapchat. The Verge got hold of some screenshots. It reported that the new product from the Facebook-owned picture-sharing service is called Threads.

Screenshots reviewed by The Verge show an app that’s designed to promote constant, automatic sharing between users and the people on their “close friends” list on Instagram. Opt in to automatic sharing, and Threads will regularly update your status, giving your friends a real-time view of information about your location, speed, and more. At the moment, Threads does not display your real-time location — instead, it might say something like a friend is “on the move,” according to sources familiar with the matter. You can also update your status manually, with statuses appearing in the main feed along with messages. It’s the latest effort to automate status sharing using mobile phone sensors and one-tap status sharing.

What a Mid-Range iPhone Might Look Like

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Over on MacWorld, Jason Cross gave his wish-list for a mid-range iPhone. I am not totally convinced Apple is going to give him what he wants, but he makes some interesting arguments.

Simply put, the potential value to Apple’s bottom line of bringing new users to iPhone is much higher than it has ever been, and it is probably worth making significantly less money on each iPhone sold (at least on the cheapest model) in order to expand the reach of the ecosystem. What’s more, the competition is heating up. Android phones that cost $400 or less are getting quite good, and in many parts of the world, consumers simply don’t see the value in paying 50 percemt more to get last-year’s iPhone. Apple needs a new product that, while not necessarily as inexpensive as some Android competitors, at least feels within reach, and delivers on the core experience of the iPhone.

First Trailer of 'Dickinson' on Apple TV+ Arrives

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The first teaser trailer for forthcoming Apple TV+ series Dickinson appeared Sunday. The series details the life, and rebellious teenage years, of poet Emily Dickinson. As with other Apple TV+ content we’ve had a preview of, the show seems to have extremely high production values. The comedy series stars Hailee Steinfeld as the young poet. Apple said the show ” audaciously explores the constraints of society, gender, and family.” It will be released this fall.

Anniversary of Rare Apple-1 Selling at Auction

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A very cool “Today in Apple History” from our friends over at Cult of MacSunday marked the three year anniversary of the extremely rare “Celebration” Apple-1 being sold at auction for $815, 000. Made by Steve Wozniak, it featured blank “green” PCB board that never appeared in public production models.

The Apple-1 was Apple’s first computer. It launched in July 1976, a year before the better-known, vastly superior Apple II. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak started working on the Apple-1 as a hobby, with no goal beyond showing it off to the people at the local Homebrew Computer Club, which he attended. “I did this computer … to show the people at Homebrew that it was possible to build a very affordable computer — a real computer you could program for the price of the Altair — with just a few chips,” Wozniak recalled in his autobiography, iWoz: Computer Geek to Cult Icon. Steve Jobs convinced Woz they should build and sell the Apple-1 rather than giving away the designs.

Laurene Powell Jobs' The Atlantic Introducing Paywall

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Laurene Powell Jobs

The Atlantic is set to introduce a paywall, The Wall Street Journal reported. The move follows a delayed instigated by majority owner Laurene Powell Jobs. She invested in the 162-year-old magazine through her Emmerson Collective in July 2017. The widow of Apple founder Steve Jobs, she reportedly wanted to focus on improving its platform and business events first.

Atlantic President Bob Cohn said that when Ms. Powell Jobs explained the details of her investment plan to the magazine’s managers, they felt delaying the paywall launch made sense. “We were about to make dozens of hires that would ultimately lead to the creation of an even better paywall,” said Mr. Cohn, who is leaving in early September for a fellowship at Harvard. People at the Atlantic said Ms. Powell Jobs has taken a mostly hands-off approach to day-to-day matters, but weighs in on key decisions.

Star Wars 'The Mandalorian' Trailer

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A host of Disney+ trailers are starting to land. One that is already getting a lot of attention is for the Star Wars spin-off The Madalorian. It appeared Friday. While the clip did not reveal much, it looks like the series will be rather epic. It is set after the fall of the Empire and before the emergence of the First Order, following a single gunfighter in the outer reaches of the galaxy. The Mandalorian comes after the story of Jango and Boba Fet. It will stream when Disney+ launches on November 12, 2019.