AltConf and WWDC 2018 Interview: Jim Rea

· Jeff Gamet · Cool Stuff Found

SAN Jose – Jeff Gamet and ProVUE’s Jim Rea talk about developing for the Mac for more than 30 years, macOS Mojave 10.14, and more at AltConf and WWDC 2018.

AltConf and WWDC 2018 Interview: Rich Siegel

· Jeff Gamet · Cool Stuff Found

SAN JOSE – Jeff Gamet sits down with BBEdit maker Rich Siegel from Bare Bones at AltConf and WWDC 2018 to talk about the events, the Mac App Store, and more.

The Story Behind Susan Kare's Icon Designs

· Andrew Orr · Cool Stuff Found

Susan Kare’s icon designs for the original Macintosh were revolutionary at the time, and made the computer seem friendly. This month Ms. Kare was awarded the AIGA medal, for her “bold and intelligent design of icons for the early Macintosh computers that defined the Apple user experience and set the industry standard with memorable wit and humanity.” A lot of her designs are now displayed in the Museum of Modern Art, and show her passion for finding a balance between simplicity and abstraction. Last month in May 2018, Ms. Kare presented a talk of her work as well.

The Story Behind Susan Kare’s Icon Designs

Those Shiny Apple Beta OSes: 2018 Edition 

· Bob LeVitus · Dr. Mac's Rants & Raves

Dr. Mac says what’s important is that you clearly understand the meaning of the phrase “public beta” before you even think about installing any of the shiny new pre-release software you heard about on any of your Apple devices.


Quickly Change Between Light and Dark Mode in macOS With a Custom AppleScript App

· Jim Tanous · Quick Tip

macos mojave day night applescript

It’s easy enough to change between light and dark modes in recent versions of macOS, but you still need to waste a few clicks heading to System Preferences. For those who want to change modes frequently, here’s how to build an AppleScript app that can do it with a single click!

iOS 12 Adds a Thesaurus to the Word Look Up Feature

· Jim Tanous · Quick Tip

thesaurus and dictionary

iOS 12 includes the ability to add a thesaurus alongside your dictionary definitions when using the “Look Up” feature to examine a word. This is great because it, you know, helps you write good and stuff.

TMO WWDC 2018 Coverage Sponsor: Carbon Copy Cloner

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Carbon Copy Cloner
Please join me in thanking Bombich Software, makers of the fantastic Carbon Copy Cloner, for helping to sponsor our WWDC 2018 coverage. It’s not just covering WWDC that Bombich cares about, it’s covering your data and ensuring that you not only have a backup, but that you can manage it easily and effectively. Carbon Copy Cloner is right there for you!

iPhone Accessibility Feature 'Live Listen' to Support AirPods in iOS 12

· Jim Tanous · Rumor

airpods audio wave

An accessibility feature for the hearing impaired will receive a notable upgrade in iOS 12. “Live Listen,” a feature originally introduced in 2014 to enable hearing aid integration in iOS will soon be able to work with Apple’s AirPods in addition to MFi hearing aid devices.

Craig Federighi Doesn't See a Touchscreen Mac in the Future

· Jim Tanous · News

no touchscreen macbook

Even though Apple announced that iOS apps will soon be ported to the Mac, Apple exec Craig Federighi doesn’t think that a touchscreen Mac makes sense, stating that the explosion of touchscreens in the Windows world may end up as a failed experiment.

Apple Pulls First watchOS 5 Beta After Installation Issues

· Jim Tanous · News

apple watch error

Did you try to update your Apple Watch to the watchOS 5 beta last night but couldn’t find any available updates? You’re not going crazy. Apple late Tuesday quietly pulled the first watchOS 5 beta as large numbers of users began to report installation issues.

iOS 12 Wants to Help You Stop Taking Accidental Screenshots on Your iPhone

· Jim Tanous · News

iphone x front back

The use of the side and volume up buttons to take screenshots on the iPhone X results in many accidental screenshots due to their position on the sides of the device where users normally grab onto. Here’s how Apple is hoping to improve the iPhone screenshots experience in iOS 12.

TMO Background Mode Interview with Freelance Tech Journalist Rob Pegoraro

· John Martellaro · Background Mode Podcast

Rob Pegoraro is a freelance technical journalist who writes about interesting problems and possibilities in consumer technology. Previously, he was a technical columnist for the Washington Post from 1999 to 2011. Lately he has written for Yahoo Finance, USA Today and The Wirecutter. Rob graduated from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in 1993 with a degree in international relations without taking a single course in journalism or computer science. But along the way he discovered his real talent: learning new things about computer tech and then explaining it to readers. Rob told me how his time with the Washington Post was both rewarding but also prepared him for a better family life as a freelancer. We chatted about Google I/O 2018, the Android platform, his writings about the FTC, the GDPR, 8KTV, and his recent DIY update of his 2009 iMac.

Everything Apple Announced at WWDC Is Free - Here's a Complete List

· Bryan Chaffin · Analysis

Memojis at WWDC 2018

SAN JOSE – Here’s something you may not have noticed about Apple’s WWDC keynote: everything Apple announced will be free—here’s the complete list of new products and features Apple announced during the WWDC 2018 keynote.