Touch Screen Macs, iPhone’s Name, and Star Wars – ACM 407

Would Apple ever make a touch screen Mac? Bryan and Jeff chew over recent rumors about Apple making an iMac for creative pros that would compete with Microsoft’s Surface Studio. They also talk about iPhone’s name and Disney’s management of the Star Wars franchise.

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One thought on “Touch Screen Macs, iPhone’s Name, and Star Wars – ACM 407

  • Interesting discussion about the iPhone name. Something has to happen eventually as “iPhone 12s” just does not sound very attractive.
    I’m thinking however that the “iMac” name is on it’s way out. IMO the “i” moniker stands for being the one very personal device, that keeps all your treasures (photos, videos, music etc). which fills all your computer and communication needs. The iMac used to play that role but stopped doing so a long while ago. According to Apple, the iPad plays has taken that part today. So I am betting on the iMac being reduced to just being the good ol’ Mac. This would fit the OS naming & naming convention of other computers in the lineup. Just my two cents…

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