Apple Just Made Selecting an iPad Really Hard

· John Martellaro · Particle Debris

iPad Air 4

Apple seems to enjoy doing this to us. That is, making the process of selecting an iPad really hard. A lower level product leapfrogs a pro product in some technical respects. Deciding which to buy then involves a very careful analysis and comparison of the specs. And user needs.

iPad Dominant as Tablet Shipments Grow

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iPad Pro on a red background

The iPad continues to dominate tablet shipments and helped drive growth in the overall tablet market during the last quarter.

Look How Cool the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard Looks Under X-Ray

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iPad pro magic keyboard X-ray

The folks at iFixit examined the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard with X-rays. It looks cool and shows the product’s complexity.

What makes this the Magic Keyboard instead of a Smart Keyboard? Scissor switches, which proved much smarter than butterfly switches over (too) many years. This is the least complicated thing we can see on the Magic Keyboard, and it’s probably the biggest improvement.

I think this looks great. Right now I’m not sure if I’ll get the Magic Keyboard or not. Brydge plans to send me their keyboard accessory. However, I’m definitely a fan of how thin the Smart Keyboard is, and it looks like the Magic Keyboard shares that trait.

Apple is Doomed. No It Isn't. Services Are Hot Stuff

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Apple Park

Big tech companies are destined to suffer from unemployment, recession and fear, right? Yes, but maybe not so much as thought. Resilience is key.

12.9" iPad Pro 2020 Gets The Teardown Treatment

· Charlotte Henry · Cool Stuff Found

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for – the iFixit teardown of the 12.9″ iPad Pro 2020. Not even the Coronavirus lockdown in California would stop the guys from getting into the device! In particular, this video shows us exactly what a LiDAR scan looks like.

Apple's New MacBook Air is the Best Work-at-home Computer

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With more people working at home these days, it’s essential to have an affordable, high-quality, secure, and reasonably powerful computer. Apple’s new MacBook Air fills the bill.

iPad Pro 2020 Features the iPhone 11 U1 Chip

· Andrew Orr · Product News

The U1 chip wasn’t mentioned at all in Apple’s press release of the iPad Pro 2020. But iPadOS 13.4 code suggests its existence.