iPadOS 14: Introducing Scribble

· Charlotte Henry · Tips

Apple Pencil Scribble for iPad

Scribble in iPadOS 14 allows you to use an Apple Pencil to handwrite into an editable field and automatically convert that into typed text.

iPadOS: How to use the Five Finger Death Pinch

· Andrew Orr · Quick Tip

Andrew has a special iPad move called the Five Finger Death Pinch. It’s an advanced gesture and should only be used by trained professionals.

Finally, an Open Source Font App for iPhone and iPad

· Andrew Orr · Link

Fontcase app icon

One feature of iOS and iPadOS 13 was built-in support for fonts (Settings > General > Fonts). But as Michael Potuck notes, I’ve seen very few font apps in the App Store. But now there’s a new one called Fontcase, and it’s open source, too.

Installing custom fonts is super easy with Fontcase, once you have what you want in iCloud Drive or Dropbox, you just import the fonts in Fontcase, download and install a configuration profile, and they’ll be available across iOS/iPadOS.

iOS: How to Find and Use iPhone Emojis

· Andrew Orr · Quick Tip

iOS emojis for the emoji keyboard

Andrew shows you how to turn on the emoji keyboard and start using it in apps. Apple adds new emojis just about every year.

‘iPad Main Menu’ Concept Reimagines App Settings

· Andrew Orr · Cool Stuff Found

Alexander Käßner uploaded a concept video called iPad Main Menu. On Reddit he says it’s the result of a bachelor thesis. It introduces app menus that are accessible with an always-present icon on the dock, and/or a three-finger tap. It’s similar to the right-click menu we see on macOS. I love it because it gives you quick access to all app settings, which end up in different locations depending on the whim of the developer (hamburger menus notwithstanding). Main Menu is consistent.

The main menu is split into two columns. We find the most common actions on the left, such as cut/copy/paste, and app-specific features are on the right. Main Menu also works with a keyboard, so you “never lift a finger again.”

Update: Mr. Käßner also has a website for the concept here.

Apple Releases 13.4 Update for iOS and iPadOS

· Andrew Orr · Product News

Image of apple’s settings app

Apple just released the latest update for its operating systems: 13.4. It includes a redesigned system to support mice and trackpads, changes in Files, and more.