watchOS 4: How to Find Your Resting Heart Rate

Apple Watch tops Stanford study for heart rate monitors in fitness trackers

If you’ve got a new-ish Apple Watch (newer than the first one, that is), then you can monitor your resting heart rate with watchOS 4. Knowing that number is pretty important, according to the American Heart Association; it can give you a good idea of where you stand in terms of heart health and fitness.

Up until now, though, all we Apple Watch users really had to go on was the data in the iPhone’s Heath app within the “Vitals” section, which I’ve talked about before.

Apple Watch Heart Rate Data in iPhone Health app

Yeah, I don’t think my resting heart rate is 30. I mean, I work out and stuff, but I’m not Michael Phelps.

Anyway, there’s now an easy-peasy way to check this on your Watch. To do so, press the Digital Crown on the side to view all your apps, then find the one that looks like a little heart. Awwww.

Heart App icon on Apple Watch

Within that app, touch the “Current” option at the top to go back to the main screen if that’s where it starts you…

Current Heart Rate on Apple Watch

…and then you’ll see the “Resting Rate.”

Resting Heart Rate on Apple Watch

If you tap “Resting Rate,” you’ll get even more details, like when your heart rate went up during the day. You can even use iPhone to see your resting heart rate.

Resting Heart Rate Screen with recent history on Apple Watch

On that screen, you can scroll down for other data, too, like walking average, recovery rate if you’ve done a workout, and so on. Cool beans! This is just another way that the Watch can help you understand your health and improve it. And I’m inspired to go out and exercise right now! Heck, if I ever wanna reach that fabled Michael Phelps resting heart rate, it’s gonna take some work.

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