Think new iMac is ugly? First, check out Intel's "Concept PC

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    Posted: 09 January 2002 08:44 AM #16

    My two “favorites”

    Ottoman: For anyone who thought the original iBook looked like a toilet seat

    Entice: Oh man, is that name the ultimate in false advertising or what? You want to call it the critter? Sure, I can understand that. The Sphinx? Sure. But Entice?  It’s an original iMac fused with an Astra by means of a very large hammer.


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  • Posted: 09 January 2002 08:47 AM #17

    Wow, the “Concept PC” DOES look like an Apple III !! What’s next ... The “Concept PC 2002” looks like an Apple I: You build your own case! (Actually, most people have better taste than Intel, so it would turn out better than if Intel had designed the case. )

  • Posted: 09 January 2002 10:27 AM #18

    rjung, the reason they reason they probably named koi what they did is BECAUSE it looks like a gaping fish head (not sure if the name or the design came first). Koi is carp in japanese.

    However, the name ikebana… it is not flower in japanese as the website states.

  • Posted: 09 January 2002 10:36 AM #19

    On 2002-01-09 14:27, Anonymous wrote:
    rjung, the reason they reason they probably named koi what they did is BECAUSE it looks like a gaping fish head (not sure if the name or the design came first). Koi is carp in japanese.

    Yes, you are correct, but that doesn’t explain why the hell you’d want a computer shaped like a decapitated fish head.



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  • Posted: 09 January 2002 10:43 AM #20

    However, the name ikebana… it is not flower in japanese as the website states.

    Hana is Japanese for flower. Ikebana refers to flower arrangement. However, these concept PCs should have been called “minikui” which simply means ugly.


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  • Posted: 09 January 2002 11:03 AM #22

    What I wonder is, what is the “concept” that they were going for with these PC’s, besides ugliness?  Maybe these designers are actually secretly being paid by Apple to make Intel’s designs look even worse, thereby increasing it’s own market share.


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  • Posted: 09 January 2002 11:07 AM #23

    I thought “minikui” in Japanese meant hard to look at.  Same thing really.

  • Posted: 09 January 2002 11:09 AM #24

    The concept I believe was matching the windows interface?  I mean what goes better with the windows desktop than a decapitatied blue fish head??? Common guys… haha!  I never really knew how horrible designs could get.  Apple spoils us!  I personally love the new iMac.  I like my quicksilver better though )

  • Posted: 09 January 2002 11:09 AM #25

    It is all about curves.  It is all about human shades of color.  It is all about anthropomorphism.  Making computers like human beings.  Apple excels at that, and until the rest of the computer industry realizes that is what makes machines attractive, I’m always sticking with Macs.  Awhile back though Acer had some decent tower designs, if it weren’t for their Windows OS, I might have wanted one.

  • Posted: 09 January 2002 11:21 AM #26

    Sweet merciful crap!

    Wha??  Speechless. I’m speechless.

    The Fun-Kshun - a Playmates toy tool box! Now with vomit-inducing colors! Warning: colors and appearance might cause sudden heart problems / stroke in senior citizens.

    The Magic Bean - It’s name is “Magic Bean”. ‘Nuff said.

    The Stratos Bonsai- New design guarantees you’ll get lots of laughs! (Unfortunately, they’ll be laughing at you.)

    Gozinta - Industry quality vacuum cleaners are now available in combination with your computer!

    Tetra - play your favorite games with a hideous slab of curved plastic!

    UNiMOD - Designed in the 1700’s as a “calculation engine abacus”, we’ve taken the design and done nothing to improve upon it! Now you can own a horrific disaster of design gone wrong… Right On Your Own Desktop!

    Badis Badis - The brand new, revolutionary idea of slapping curved slabs on the sides of a computer has now been taken to brand new, revolutionary extremes!

    ICE - This computer / air dehumidifier is appropriately named due to its Black color. Get it? Ice? Black? Nah, we didn’t either.

    Ottoman - Ever wanted to take a nice big dump on your keyboard, and use the monitor as a lid?!?  You can, with this design calamity! Also functions as a footstool.

    Vesta - The design schematics for this were found in a fetid pile of rat waste in the middle of a dumpster. Slapped together from mismatched equipment and a dizzying group of colors, you can now have a reeking hunk of pure defecation on your desktop!

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    Posted: 09 January 2002 11:34 AM #27

    On 2002-01-09 12:20, rjung wrote:
    “Koi” looks like a gaping fish head.  A blue gaping fish head.

    Which makes sense, as a koi is a fish.



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  • Posted: 09 January 2002 11:39 AM #28

    Oh Rodney, Rodney, Rodney…

    I was unsure if the new iMac was going to fulfill my most esthetic needs, and I was still unsure after I saw it “live” at SFMW.  However, having now been faced with the reality of those “other designs, I am still holding my sides and laughing!

    Poor PeeCee world, poor PeeCee buyers, poor PeeCee users… Poor, poor, poor!

    Your “bud”, Santor
    (who lives on the west side of the bay).

  • Posted: 09 January 2002 11:53 AM #29

    I just heard something interesting on TV;

    (It’s actually old Afghan saying!...)

    “To attract an heart, its got to come from the heart”

    ... say no more….


  • Posted: 09 January 2002 02:09 PM #30

    Looking at Intel’s latest ideas, all you can say is that Jonathan Ives at least knows what he’s designing. I’m laughing out load over that Intel page .


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