Best Music to Work To

  • Posted: 23 July 2001 07:29 AM

    Just to give us something else to do in the Lounge other than hang out in the “Guy Above You” thread, here’s a refreshing topic for all you music-lovers out there in Mac-land.

    What is the best music to work to?

    Anyone who’s read my mini-bio knows that I’m a Dave Matthews Band ( fanatic.  I listen to them the most while I work, especially Listener Supported, their most recent live album release.  I love “Two Step,” cause “celebrate we will.”



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  • Posted: 05 July 2001 12:45 PM #1

    Good topic…thanks for getting me out of the ‘guy above’ thread! Although you know we will all be back to that one…

    Depends what I’m working on, but The Tragically Hip is always good for a little motivation. Moby is great background music…same with Stereolab.  Hmmm, I know I’ve been reaching for Bowie and Radiohead a lot lately…any music to me is better than a TV spewing a mindless flow of white noise.


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  • Posted: 05 July 2001 05:05 PM #2

    While I’m at my actual jobs (one full-time, and two-part time) I don’t listen to music. But at home (in my spare time ) it is 90% bluegrass and 10% pre-1960 country/western.


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  • Posted: 06 July 2001 12:28 AM #3

    I like these while I work (the full CDs, not any particular song):
    Beatles - Sgt. Pepper
    Barenaked Ladies - Stunt
    Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Wars, and Star Trek soundtracks

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  • Posted: 06 July 2001 08:40 AM #4

    I’ve found ragtime to be good for working. As such, I can recommend Scott Joplin.


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    Posted: 06 July 2001 09:07 AM #5

    I like popping the “Kind of Blue” CD with Miles Davis or maybe a John Coltrane CD to listen to while I write.

  • Posted: 06 July 2001 10:59 AM #6

    I am more into hard rock and heavy metal, so I’d have to say almost anything Iron Maiden. Especially The Wicker Man from their latest album, Brave New World. Or The Prisoner from their classic Number of the Beast album.

    Some of Rob Halford’s, such as Resurrection or Made in Hell really get me going too.

  • Posted: 09 July 2001 08:24 PM #7

    Anything 80s!!


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  • Posted: 10 July 2001 01:15 AM #8

    On 2001-07-09 23:24, scottk wrote:
    Anything 80s!!

    Interesting. If you like 80’s stuff, get “The Best 80s Modern Rock Album… Ever!” released by EMI.

    It will rock you off your chair


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    Posted: 10 July 2001 01:39 AM #9

    The Church’s Preist = Aura is not only one of the Top 5 albums of all time (please note that are somewhere between 10-20 albums in my Top 5), it is a great CD to work to.

    If I am in an aggressive mood, I have often played Earth Crisis’ Slither recently.  Speaking of which, Michael, you should check them out.  You probably won’t be fond of their politics (I am not fond of all of their politics myself), but their music is tremendous.  They are a “Vegan Hard Core Straight Edge” band, and their music will knock your socks off.

    Jeesh, what two disparate albums I have mentioned in this post. 


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  • Posted: 23 July 2001 07:29 AM #10

    On 2001-07-06 12:07, Burnum wrote:
    I like popping the “Kind of Blue” CD with Miles Davis ...

    Yes! A fantastic album for work and *ahem* other situations.

    Though Snap! by The Jam will also do for work and *ahem* other situations, depending on your mood.





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