Lightroom on Mac Pro

  • Posted: 02 October 2006 01:26 AM

    OK, so we all know that Photoshop is not yet an Intel-native app.

    But the Lightroom beta is. And it has a number of image correctiontools you can use that are also found in Photoshop.

    I used the Lightroom beta on a Mac Pro (2.6GHz, 1GB RAM) and the results of using Unsharp Mask and some colour adjustment tools on a 94MB image were… realtime. Yep, true, instant results.

    Now, the question… Is Lightroom loading a low-res version for on-screen editing and saving changes in the background? Or is the brute force of those Xeons coming to bear?

    Not that I care, I’m just curious. A realtime worklflow is a joy to behold, however it’s being achieved.

    Realtime, as in instant, or in some cases near-instant results. I think that re-invigorates expectations for the UB of Photoshop.


    Karate ni sente nashi