Apple & SGI?

  • Posted: 16 April 2002 10:41 PM

    Last July SGI was hammered badly down to under .50/share.  I started tracking it then (but bought no shares).  In November SGI tripled virtually in one day.  Lately it peaked over 4 bucks.  All of this on little to no significant news, aside from M$ buying some patents which may have fueled takeover speculation by M$.  This, however, has not materialized.

    That said, SGI’s runup does *not* (seemingly) justify the price.  It still begs the question: is someone trolling for SGI?  Is Apple interested in SGI’s graphics and/or IRIX?  Would buying SGI outright add value to Apple or is SGI too marginalized to be salvagable?  Depending on what patents were sold to M$, SGI seems to fit the high end media content market Apple wants to exploit and it would seem SGI could be acquired at a reasonable price.

    Does anyone have any recon on Apple & SGI?



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  • Posted: 16 April 2002 10:41 PM #1

    At today’s closing price SGI is valued at about $750 million. What would Apple gain for $750 million that it couldn’t develop in house or acquire from other parties for less money?

    Considering that only a portion of SGI’s operations might be of interest to Apple, it seems to be a very high price to pay with very little benefit.

  • Posted: 24 May 2002 11:37 PM #2

    Please see the 5/20 [url=]Apple Stock Watch Report{/url] for information about the causes of the recent increase in SGI’s share price.