safari doesn't load some webpages

  • Posted: 29 August 2008 08:27 AM

    Hi I am new to this forum, and would appreciate any advice and tips.

    I have an Imac Os X 10.5.4 and recently uprgraded my software as you do, and then I had problems with safari. With some web pages it doesn’t load the page, and shows a message saying that the server is not responding. With some web pages it is fine. It seems to be random, because sometimes my homepage loads, and sometimes doesn’t (home page is apple).

    I have checked my internet connection and it is fine (it is wireless, using airport)
    I have reset safari
    I have emptied the cache
    I have emptied cookies

    I still have the same problem

    Does any one have any advice, I would appreciate it



  • Posted: 03 September 2008 12:07 AM #1

    Have you tried using an alternative DNS server? Check out and try setting that up for free (there is a tutorial on the website if required). This is the most likely thing I can think of to resolve your issue and would not be specific to your machine, just that internet connection.


    -Matt Cox / Mac Technician / Matt on Twitter

  • Posted: 10 November 2008 08:41 AM #2

    Going by your description, it doesn’t really sound like the problem is on your machine. Have you considered the obvious, that maybe you are just experiencing Internet congestion with some sites?

    If a site is overloaded with http requests, it can become bogged down, which is precisely what DOS attacks do. If you try accessing the same site at different hours of the day, and the problem still occurs, while other sites have no problem, then it might indeed be a problem related to just that specific site, and not to the Internet as a whole, and not to your machine either.


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