iPhone 3.0: What should we expect?

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    Posted: 17 March 2009 07:43 AM #16

    As mentioned elsewhere I think we could see an ebook reader and ebook section to iTunes. This would pave the way for a tablet later in the year.

    At present if you want to view documents on your iPhone, you have to use a third party application like File Magnet. Of course, iTunes is the obvious way to do this, so we might well see another update of iTunes soon to facilitate the uploading of documents to your device.


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  • Posted: 17 March 2009 09:11 AM #17

    Posted on CNNMoney:


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    philiped - 17 March 2009 12:11 PM

    Posted on CNNMoney:


    Great recap Philip. There’s enough there to warrant this media event, if for no other reason that software upgrades don’t lend themselves to “quiet” announcements like we’ve seen with the hardware.

    I’m losing a little hope for that “....one more thing” setup for the Tablet.